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Postby MajaFiggaz_Early! on Wed Nov 20, 2002 1:24 pm

I just got that new Tupac joint Better Dayz. Its pretty damn nice.

Ja Rule's newest joint "Last Temptation" is straight wabbage!

Anyone hear Ms. Jades New CD. That thing is blazin. Holdin down the 215 early.

Anyone got Missy's new album? I didn't even hear it yet...Same With Erick Sermon's new joint.

Oh Yeah Guys by the way, go out and cop that Aziatic. One of the best albums to drop this year. I wont stop promoting him till he goes platinum...Ask Jay-Z
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Postby DR. P on Wed Nov 20, 2002 1:25 pm


What's with the condescending attitude P? I don't really have a problem with you but it seems like you do with me. Since when are people not allowed to agree with others?

Trust me, I wasn't reflecting a negative attitude toward you, nor do I have a problem with you. Really, I'm indifferent toward you since I really don't know you particularly well. But from what you posted in an earlier thread, it seemed as if you were the condescending one if anyone. But that aside, I welcome people to disagree with me, hell that's what this forum is for. But what I'm sure none of us need is someone telling others when to stop or start a discussion, that was unecessary given that anyone has the option of just not posting when they feel they have nothing to add.
It just seemed as if you were saying [in the undertone of your post], "since I don't have anything to add, let's just end the discussion." That may not have been what you intended, but that's the way it came off at least to me. And if that was indeed the case, then you would appear to be the one who takes exception with others not agreeing with you.


"Btw that was a weak attempt to patronize me by calling me Bobby...kinda low for you I thought....Anyways, I hope there's no hard feelings."

Also, trust me I was not trying to patronize you by calling you "bobby" since I frequently refer to people in accordance with their handles. Moreover, many people usually refer to me as "P" as opposed to "DR. P" and I'd hardly call that patronizing me. So you have to lighten up a bit, really no disrespect was intended that's not my style. In addition, I don't hold hard feelings toward anyone, and I've had arguments/conversations [actually they were more like infused discussions] with EG, Shane, Ben, and a host of others, but I never would hold a grudge toward any of them. In fact, I respect the opinions of the guys I mentioned who have even taught me alot about some things that I may not have known alot about. My goal is merely to have meaningful discussions, although they make take a negative turn at times [especially when individuals are passionate about their view]. But really. I hope no one takes them to heart, because I certainly don't. And honestly, I hold no grudge toward you and I welcome the opportunity to discuss other topics as they emerge.


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Postby TheBob on Thu Nov 21, 2002 6:43 am

Ok, cool.
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Postby VC416 on Thu Nov 21, 2002 11:29 am

Trust me, I've earned that one....

so... you went to med school?
which one?
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Postby MAKAVELI THE DON on Wed Nov 27, 2002 11:58 pm

Quick Note:

NAS' album: "God's Son" has been pushe back. The release date is set for December 17th.

And also look out for Tupac's video for the first single off his newly released album "Better Dayz" which came out on the 26th of November. The video is "Thug Mansionz- Ascoustic" (I can never spell that right) Featuring Nas; and that single will also be on Nas' album "God's Son".

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