RX2 files / rpsgl (DEF JAM ICON (XBOX360/PS3)

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RX2 files / rpsgl (DEF JAM ICON (XBOX360/PS3)

Postby YuRES2020 on Thu Feb 27, 2020 3:39 am

Hello there!
I still searching for some help with that game, some guys from
zenhax help me a lot with DEF JAM ICON (same file format with old nba live series)
big respect for beedy and Acewell :wink: :)

Now we have awesome plugins:
Noesis Model importer (.rx2) by beedy ( clothes, environment, hair and other) (.rx2)
Noesis Texture importer (.rx2) by Acewell, same from beedy (.rpsgl)

:!: But I still want to get main characters and girls (without bugs) models, maybe
someone can check examples and can help, cause now we on a finish line.. :!:

Example of xbox360 main character model - luda_mob_base.rx2
from ps3 - luda_mob_base.rpsgl

Maybe someone know how to fix or check it in model researcher,
cause beedy said quanity edges and verticles isnt correct.
That problem beacuse files maybe have morphs.

Also I found some old tools for NBA with .rx2 file format
maybe someone know how it will help us

original topic is here

Im sorry for offtopic.

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Tools by beedy and Acewell, and models samples are here:
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