NBA Live 2001 Retrospective

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NBA Live 2001 Retrospective

Postby Andrew on Thu Nov 28, 2019 9:35 pm

NBA Live 2001 Retrospective


After firmly holding the title of the best NBA sim game on the market through the 90s and consistently improving from year to year, NBA Live 2001 was one of the first missteps for the NBA Live series. To be clear, I definitely don't see it as an all-around terrible game, and there are games in the series that are a lot rougher around the edges, but NBA Live 2001 did have some significant problems. Looking back at the game and remembering the time I spent with it, I'd describe it as fun, but flawed. Its predecessors hadn't been perfect of course, so was it just a case of impossibly high expectations after NBA Live 2000? Let's revisit NBA Live 2001 and see.

NBA Live 2000 was a tough act to follow, and even though NBA Live 2001 wasn't a complete success, it still had its strong points. Take a look back with my revised retrospective!

Check it out here!
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