My NBA Live 96 Rosters (Wayback Wednesday)

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My NBA Live 96 Rosters (Wayback Wednesday)

Postby Andrew on Sat Oct 19, 2019 8:28 pm

My NBA Live 96 Rosters


This week's Wayback Wednesday happens to have fallen on my 35th birthday. As such, I feel like reminiscing about my history in the community, and my modding endeavours in particular. I haven't been as active modding NBA Live PC in recent years, and apart from my current plans to update the rosters for NBA 2K11, I haven't been too involved in NBA 2K modding either. There are a few reasons for that, but it mostly comes down to making a lot of updates for many years beginning in 1997, burning out on the hobby, and wanting to create different content.

That's not to say that I haven't enjoyed my time messing around with mods over the past 22 years. Even though rosters in particular can feel like a chore, it's tremendously satisfying when a project comes together. Rosters have been my bread and butter for the most part, and I've updated several iterations of NBA Live, right through to the final PC release with NBA Live 08. For me it all started back in 1997 with one of my all-time favourite games, NBA Live 96. Since I'm up to NBA Live 96 in our 25th Anniversary of NBA Live celebrations and I touched upon the subject of modding the rosters in my retrospective, let's take a look back...way back...

In case you missed it, this week's Wayback Wednesday was part of our 25th Anniversary of NBA Live celebrations. I had a lot of fun updating the rosters for NBA Live 96 back in the day, and wanted to share some memories from that time in our modding community. NBA Live 96 PC is the game that got me started in modding, so it's always been special to me.

Check it out here!
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