Tyrone Nesby

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Tyrone Nesby

Postby GloveGuy on Fri Jan 03, 2003 10:21 am

How come this guy hasn't been signed by a team yet? Last year I thought he did well coming off the bench for the Wiz. Does this guy have legal problems, or anything that makes him unsignable? I know that the Celtics have him on their list on of possible signing to fill up their roster. But why hasn't he been signed yet. He could have very good stats on a team such as the Nuggets.
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Postby scubilete on Fri Jan 03, 2003 11:44 pm

Sometimes players lose their jobs and don't get any until the 10 day contracts start to be signed, this year Jan. 6. Also, you remember Lopez from the same team, he was released as well and didn't get a chance til April when Minnesota decided to give him a chance. So don't feel strange if you don't see him playing til late Feb. or March, after that he might get a multiyear contract if he shows good skills.
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