St Vincent/St. Mary vs. Strawberry Mansion.

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St Vincent/St. Mary vs. Strawberry Mansion.

Postby MajaFiggaz_Early! on Mon Dec 23, 2002 11:54 am

Of Course Bron and em won 83 to like 49.

Bron had 26,8 boards, 5 assist & 7 steals.

Reece Rice(Best Player in Philly Pretty Much) Had 13 points all in 4th quater.

St.V St.M kicked Mansion all over the place as Reece Highlight through the first 3 quaters come during opening tip when he crossed Bron up and the fans went mad.

In the 4th though Reece opened and hit a three and from then on it was Reece and Bron back and forth. Reece even mad Bron Fall with a crossover but then he airballed. I think Bron came back down and dropped a trey ball.

The game sucked until the 4th quater.
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