Luc Longley’s secret sacrifice revealed after 20 years

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Luc Longley’s secret sacrifice revealed after 20 years

Postby Andrew on Fri May 15, 2020 12:27 am

Luc Longley’s secret sacrifice revealed after 20 years

Former NBA player and Boomers backup centre at those Olympics, Chris Anstey, has revealed the incredible sacrifice Longley made to represent Australia in Sydney.

“To this day, every Australian senior basketball representative receives a per diem while fulfilling national duties,” Anstey said.

“Luc, and to a lesser extent I, were criticised for accepting $330 a day to prepare for and play in the Olympic Games given we were being well paid in the NBA.

“What very few knew was that because only NBL contracts were covered by Basketball Australia’s insurance in the event of an injury, Luc had been required to take out his own contract insurance for his US$6 million a year contract.

“Luc was out of pocket over $20,000 to represent Australia at the Sydney Olympics. He never asked for a cent and never bought it up amongst the criticism levelled at him.”

It wasn’t the only selfless act from Longley during the Olympics, with Anstey revealing the millionaire never hesitated in treating his teammates.

“As we sat on the (team) bus, Luc made the comment that he was sick of the food at our hotel and would like to eat out that night,” Anstey said.

“(Luc said) ‘Fellas, it’s my shout tonight. I wanted to eat at one of my favourite restaurants. I want to enjoy dinner with my teammates and want you guys to be able to enjoy it without worrying about the price.’

Class act by Luc Longley, especially while he was being criticised for daring to accept a per diem that he was absolutely entitled to. A bit of Tall Poppy Syndrome that's unfortunately not uncommon in Australian culture. All credit and respect to him for representing the country and taking the undue criticism in his stride.
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