Jerry Sloan in Declining Health

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Jerry Sloan in Declining Health

Postby Andrew on Thu Jul 18, 2019 3:33 am

Monson: Pay a sweet silent tribute to Jerry Sloan, as the once-fierce lion’s eyes grow sleepy

Father Time, with all its minions — in this specific case, Parkinson’s and a severe brand of dementia — pummeling humans and the human condition, the condition that is weakened, year by year, month by month, day by day, minute by minute, striking even the toughest among us.

Remain that way, it forever will.

When I recently asked someone outside the family, someone who would know the details about Sloan, asked how he was doing at age 77, even though I already had been told by others, he said three words.

“He is dying.”

Those words, human condition or no, hit with the force of a swinging tire iron.

Tough to read. Parkinson's Disease and dementia are terrible afflictions by themselves, let alone together. A shame his retirement and later years can't be happier and healthier; must be very tough on his family. On a positive note, it is nice to hear that Frank Layden is still around and quick-witted as ever, but it really drives home how horrible Sloan's illnesses are, as he's ten years younger than Layden.
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