Knicks waive Joakim Noah

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Knicks waive Joakim Noah

Postby Andrew on Sun Oct 14, 2018 4:12 am

Kadeem Allen and Jeff Coby as well. But Noah getting cut is - with all due respect to those gentleman - the bigger story. As for his future prospects, there's a reason the Knicks flat out waived him rather than being able to negotiate a buyout:

Woj wrote:Knicks center Joakim Noah has no traction on an open roster spot elsewhere in NBA, so he’s remained unwilling to agree to a buyout. New York simply waiving and stretching the $38M owed him likely comes soon.

I don't think he's necessarily done just yet, as his passing and ballhandling still makes him a viable big in today's NBA. That along with his defense and hustle is enough to make up for his limited offensive game and lapsed shooting touch, though his age, mobility, and health are bigger concerns that are no doubt turning teams off of him. We might see him play for a couple of teams this year; latching on wherever he can land and earning some minutes in the short term, and perhaps joining a Playoff team if they obligingly cut him loose to do so later on in the year.

As for the Knicks, he clearly isn't in their plans, and it seems they'll be able to get a bit of cap flexibility even without buying him out. A parting of the ways was inevitable.
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Re: Knicks waive Joakim Noah

Postby Lamrock on Fri Oct 19, 2018 3:05 am

Noah has enjoyed a great career. I don't think his body can handle anything more than an Emeka Okafor-type role on a team, but even if he doesn't find a team, he's set for life.

I like this move for New York. Obviously signing Noah in the first place was proof of how little Phil Jackson took his job with the Knicks seriously but I like them cutting him rather than giving away a valuable asset to clear cap room for a star player they won't get.
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