Suns Finally Rid Themselves of Eric Bledsoe....

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Re: Suns Finally Rid Themselves of Eric Bledsoe....

Postby air gordon on Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:54 am

Andrew wrote:CBS Sports' analysis of the trade is solid. Getting Monroe in return for Bledsoe after banishing the latter and seemingly throwing away any leverage does put the Suns' front office ahead of the Bulls' and Knicks' brass, but all the players leaving with bad blood does indicate a toxic and dysfunctional culture all the same.

this is a shame really. i believe bledsoe was bitter for being shutdown while he was still healthy. there was an earlier discussion regarding teams tanking and not being bashful about it. i think this is an example where blatantly tanking hurt the team.

Monroe and a heavily protected 1st round pick for bledsoe? yeesh
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Re: Suns Finally Rid Themselves of Eric Bledsoe....

Postby Andrew on Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:43 am

Some fault on both sides, perhaps. From the looks of things, the Suns didn't necessarily do the right thing by Bledsoe, specifically in regards to unashamedly tanking as you noted. At the same time, Bledsoe could've handled his business better, as someone who's already disgruntled isn't the easiest person to deal with. At least it didn't drag out, like the situation with Stephon Marbury in New York back in the day.

Dee4Three wrote:I think another point that has been lost in this conversation is the age of the players we are talking about. While not old, in fact primed age, they are sitting behind younger developing assets. If management thinks that these guys have hit their ceiling, and that they are not immediate contenders, guys like Monroe and Faried can be the odd man out.

Not because they are not good big men, or average big man, but because they are literally the odd man out because they are no longer developing pieces.

I think that Monroe and Faried are still quality players at the Power Forward position, I think they are just the odd men out.

That's a fair call. I think it also comes down to the tendency, especially online, to run with the false dichotomy of everything either being great or terrible. There's a lot of ground in between great and terrible, and a lot of reasons why a situation may not be working out as well as hoped. Those nuances are often ignored in favour of dismissing something that doesn't tick all the boxes for being great, or among the best, as being garbage.
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Re: Suns Finally Rid Themselves of Eric Bledsoe....

Postby Dee4Three on Fri Nov 17, 2017 2:45 pm

Greg Monroe is starting for the Suns tonight (Tyson Chandler is out).

I can see where he fits in with this team, maybe they will just hang onto him. Like I said, he's in his prime.

6-7 for 12 points in the first half. Face up mid range jumper, nice moves down low.

But Chris Paul looks so good in his return, and Hardens 32 first half points looked so damn easy. Casually just shooting threes and carving up the defense. Houston looks like they could score 200 in this game.
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