NBA eliminates home and road uniforms, teases new Nike jerseys

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Re: NBA eliminates home and road uniforms, teases new Nike jerseys

Postby Andrew on Thu Jul 20, 2017 9:33 am

Dee4Three wrote:I just don't want to see any teams in todays NBA trying the short shorts approach.. like the Lakers did 9 years ago. Man, that looked bad.

phpBB [video]

It was kind of an amusing idea for a retro night, but yeah, some fashions need to stay in the past. :lol:
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Re: NBA eliminates home and road uniforms, teases new Nike jerseys

Postby NovU on Fri Jul 21, 2017 12:28 am

koberulz wrote:There's also nothing wrong with this way, and how is it clearly a money-generating move? Teams have exactly the same number of jerseys they've always had.

Frankly I've always found the idea of the home team having to wear white, instead of their main color, absurd. Especially when they get the whole crowd to wear the team color and the away team wears that color as well.

I am not sure how it used to work before but having another medium(Nike) impose more cost? Also isnt this in support of mega corporation giving all the rights from production using penny sweatsbop workers to distribition?

All in all I am not sure how this move helps the league and fans in general other than Nike getting shares of profit and league getting piece of their pie perhaps adam silver mostly. Nike logo isnt exactly eyesore imo but neither do I desire to be reminded of their monopoly whenever I watch NBA games.
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