The NBA future seems fun, and I like it.

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The NBA future seems fun, and I like it.

Postby big-shot-ROB on Fri May 19, 2017 4:47 am

It just feels like the league rigged this to get the Lakers and the Celtics rivalry back, but today I thought about the potential matchups we may see 5 years from here, and I like them. What's best from my point of view is that we will see some players playing the same position who were drafted even in the same year duel each other. To make a comparison I've picked 3 Eastern Conference teams and 3 from the West, who in my opinion will be top seeds in tge future: Celtics, Sixers, Bucks, Lakers, Suns and Minnesota:

- Fultz/Monk-Fox/Giannis/Ball/Booker/Dunn
- Brown/Simmons/Parker/Ingram/Jackson/Wiggins
- Zizic-Ayton/Embiid/Maker/Zubac/Bender-Chriss/Towns

(Multiple peices could be added here: Smart, Okafor-Saric, Middleton, Russel-Randle, Lavine,..)

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Re: The NBA future seems fun, and I like it.

Postby Murat on Fri May 19, 2017 7:51 pm

and NY will still suck
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