DirectShoot Question

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DirectShoot Question

Postby nschuman on Tue Nov 12, 2002 2:48 pm

I've tried on a couple other forums to get an answer to this question, but have never received a decent answer. :( Please help me out guys!

I'm still playing Live 2002 on my old PSX and want to know how to use the DirectShoot button properly when in close to the hoop. The problems I'm having is that most of my layups are being missed and a bunch of dunks are clanging off the rim (Vince Carter missing 7-8 layups/dunks in a game? C'mon!) :roll: .

I'm tired of playing the old "inside-out" game (feed it in to my center and power forward and then jack up a three if they have no room to maneuver) and want to get more creative with my inside play. How can I use the Directshoot button to acheive this realism? Or am I resigned to the fact that inside layups and dunks have about a 50% chance of going in when using the DirectShoot style?

Thanks for any answers!
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Postby koolkatgold on Wed Nov 13, 2002 5:45 am

hold direct shoot, and press jump/shoot... then its an automatic dunk, but that is on PC
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