Live 2000 & Windows 2000 O.S.

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Live 2000 & Windows 2000 O.S.

Postby mortalsoul3 on Wed Nov 21, 2007 12:04 pm

I'm sure someone asked this question a long time ago in a galaxy not so far away -- round Y2k perhaps -- but is Live 2000 compatible with Windows 2000 Professional NT? I'm receiving errors when attempting to run (first the ubiqitous Unhandled Exception error, then the MakeCriticalSectionGlobal in dynamic library link - Kernel32.dll error, which apparently indicates some compatability issues). I find this odd because I once installed & ran this game on a Windows XP-equipped platform without any detected issues. I own later editions of Live, but I personally refuse to give-up the 2000 classic; I'm faithful like that.

That said, is there a means by which I might resolve the above error/accessibility/compatability issues to run Live 2000 in this MS 2000 o.s. environment. The game installs just fine, yet will not run for me. Thanks, as always, gentlemen. Peace,

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