NBA Live 2003's 1-on-1 Courts (Wayback Wednesday)

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NBA Live 2003's 1-on-1 Courts (Wayback Wednesday)

Postby Andrew on Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:31 pm

Just thought I'd mention my retrospective of the 1-on-1 courts in NBA Live 2003, in this week's Wayback Wednesday:

When 1-on-1 mode was implemented in NBA Live 2000, the games took place on the same urban street court that was featured in Practice mode. This approach continued through NBA Live 2002, though EA Sports changed up the aesthetic of the courts a little in each game. Come NBA Live 2003, the decision was made to have Practice mode take place within a generic gym. While merely a cosmetic change without any added functionality, it was arguably a more suitable setting, giving the impression of a player shooting around in their team's practice facility.

However, the urban blacktop wasn't removed from the game. It was still the default option for 1-on-1 mode, maintaining the streetball atmosphere from previous titles. It wasn't the only place gamers could go 1-on-1 in NBA Live 2003, though. It was also possible to select the aforementioned practice gym, as well as a court located by the beach. These courts definitely spiced up 1-on-1 mode, and allowed the art team to get very creative. Let's take a look back...way back...

It had been a while since I took a look around in the Urban and Beach courts, so I'd forgotten how detailed the environments were past the blacktop. It was another fun trip down memory lane, as Wayback Wednesday so often is for me, so I hope you enjoy it too (and the screenshots I've provided in the article)!
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