2k officials, Lets talk about the 2k Chinese Dubbing plan.

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2k officials, Lets talk about the 2k Chinese Dubbing plan.

Postby Pandahero on Mon Aug 22, 2016 8:26 pm

phpBB [video]

This is the latest trailer of 2k Chinese dubbing game patch. In China hundreds and thousands of players have been playing pirated NBA 2K series, whose action might annoys the official game company.
We have to say that the intellectual property protection in China has been ignored for long. The problem indeed is not that Chinese intentionally violate the Laws, but the social majority always views the game as a toy for children and should be cheap. NBA 2K Sports is welcomed mostly by young teenagers in China, but meanwhile they have to endure the extremely pressure from the College Entrance Exam which is regarded as a once in lifetime chance to earn a better life in the future. You do not even bother to guess the parents’ position, they seldom sponsor entertainments like video games, so the main potential buyers are hard to support the games they enjoy.

However, many young adults have gone through that fxxxxxx embarrassing age just as members in our group are. 20 yo or so and different jobs,
we grow up along with the rapid growth of our country. We clearly aware of the IP protection, we spare no effort building the Chinese 2k fans social groups
We represent the attitude of young Chinese generation for that we respect the endeavor of game workers. We can afford what we like
and care about the development of 2k series. So we have done many to introduce the 2k series and hope more people will like this game as we do.

Dear Mr.Official, I have tried all possible sorts of social network tools to contact you. However, in my humble position my words have little effect.
Today, I would like to seek a conversation with the officials from 2k in this way. I am a loyal 2K fan, at the same time, a customer of 2K corporation To some degree ,
I have been the leader in the top of 2K players in China, becoming their representative.
Undoubtedly all the members in my team love this game deeply, and we sincerely appreciate and admire the great efforts of people who create this kind of legendary game series.

Today, 3rd day from the domestic announcement of this Chinese dubbing patch, the number of followers has exceeded one million on Weibo, a software similar to Twitter.
Players from every corner in this country need urgently this dubbing patch, and the increasing users would lead to a huge spread of popularity of the 2K game in China.
Take the Pro Evolution Soccer as an example. It should be impossible for a Japanese game to share the market with the huge development of FIFA series from the Electronic Arts.
The reason why PES still possesses a large group of audiences now mainly is that the fans of this game have made dubbing patches and upgraded them incessantly.
PES has become a cultural symbol to many gamers in China because of the dubbing patch.

We are not asking for 2k to cancel the connection block, because indeed many Chinese players cheat in this game. But what we want to do is to change those actions and gamers.
We are not alone. Many gamers who share the same target are working with us to make such a change. Doing this dubbing patch will be a great help for the fair of this game.
Because gamers will be unconsciously informed the ideas of our group about the IP protection and Cheating.
We want our patch will purify the environment of the game. We are aware that the block is because the Chinese gamers share the same bad behaviors.
So before we ask for the connection problems, we would like to change first.

We have sufficient men to cover this mission, and we are doing this with full enthusiasm.
 We do not expect money from 2k, but we do need some supports from them. 
As a representative of our team, I can ensure that this patch will be made by fans.
 Everyone participated in this team is oriented by interest. No business or profit is included, and we will release the mod for free. 
We have already built our dubbing team and translation team. Because we love this game so much.

Finally, I want to inform 2k that I have already gathered as many Chinese 2k fans as I can to make this dubbing mod.
 I swear with my dignity that we are inspired by love and interest, and we do not expect profit. 
I hope this patch will make 2k17 attracts more people in China. Dear Mr.Official, can we have a talk? Can you generously give some help for our patch?

If you think it will be fine, PLZ contact me at: www.dh569@qq.com
 we need the official dub transcript, otherwise we have to listen and translate.
 If you concern about confidential problem, you can do it after the release of this game.
Please do not give up our country. Please do not give up this 1.3 billion population nation with hundred millions of basketball fans.
We will insist our love on 2k serious and work with all the Chinese 2k fans and potentially the 2k officials.
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Re: 2k officials, Lets talk about the 2k Chinese Dubbing plan.

Postby Andrew on Mon Aug 22, 2016 8:51 pm

One thread about this is sufficient. Also, I think you'll have better luck over on the official boards.
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