an idea to stop cheesing with players and to get more than 32 ppg a season

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an idea to stop cheesing with players and to get more than 32 ppg a season

Postby neon76 on Thu May 21, 2015 2:42 am

an idea to stop cheesing with players and get more than 32 ppg a season
here is my new idea to make my player and my league and gm better so that it is really difficult to get more than 32
points a game in a season even if say lebron went to utah or philly. so for every 1 point above 32 points a game the player is he gets 4 less shooting tendency & 4% less inside tendency etc.
e.g. so lebron making 36 at philly would be 16 less scoring tendency & 16% less for other tendency's to do with scoring.
then for lebron to still make an impact the other starting players would be 4 more, all of them, for scoring tendency.
and 4% other tendency's to score for each player.& most importantly 4 better,all players,at scoring attributes as well!
this would hopefully be just hidden though and could be like a gold skill for players like lebron & high scoring players.
and it would stop cheesing with just one player in games and have it take effect after three games.
and once they have done 8 shots with the high ppg player and he's over 32 ppg per season, then his shooting attributes
go down by however much more ppg they are over 32 times 4.e.g 42 ppg would be 40 less,up to about 50 off at the most.
and after 8 to 16 shots (maybe fairer than just 8) by the player this would happen and have the others better cause he is helping them play better cause he's a star, but not getting more ppg than he should.
it would be great for my player and the other modes i think.
anyway thats my idea, hope you like it.

sorry if this is hard to read cause its difficult to copy from twitter

please feel free to put your posts on it.

this is like how it is for nba2k.
it is still though relevant to nba live too.
i want to post in both cause its relevant to both.
my experience with nba live is with coaching and i had c. anthony with a worse knicks team and he would get more than 32 ppg
but in the real thing he doesnt.

with nba live playing it seemed like a worse player could be better than a better player so maybe this is a better way to do it.
it was just like if the shot was the right shot or not.
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