What do you want to see in NBA Live 16's Dynasty Mode?

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What do you want to see in NBA Live 16's Dynasty Mode?

Postby Andrew on Fri Apr 10, 2015 2:52 pm

This is an offshoot of our Wishlist thread, in the name of compiling some detailed feedback on Dynasty Mode in NBA Live 16 and beyond. Post and discuss your ideas here!

I'll tip things off with an extract from my post in the main Wishlist thread:

  • Enhance and deepen Dynasty Mode. Some key features to hit upon would include:

    • Allow us to hire and fire head coaches, in addition to other staff.
    • Add more information screens, such as all-time records, advanced stats, Draft boards/history (after the Draft has concluded) and transactions.
    • Add three team trades, perhaps using a system/interface similar to the one we had in NBA Live 2001.
    • Allow us to edit players to assign new accessories and jersey numbers, if we feel like giving a benchwarmer a ton of gear for fun, or we want to assign players the jersey number of our choice, or change their primary position.
    • Keep the current player rotation menu! Can't stress this one enough, it's exactly what I've wanted since NBA Live 07. ;)
    • Keep features like simulation intervention, free agent negotiation, trade feedback (ie why teams are rejecting a trade offer), and team direction.
    • Simulated stats and trade logic are already pretty good in NBA Live 15, but any further enhancements would be welcome.
    • Allow us to enter a five-on-five scrimmage with our team at any time (useful for trying out those new acquisitions before entering the next game on the schedule).
    • Recognise retired jersey numbers and prevent them from being used (unless overridden by the user).
    • Ensure that only players who qualify show up in the League Leaders.
    • Add 10 day contracts and contract extensions.
    • Add the ability to proceed or back out of a trade that's been agreed to, as in NBA Live 2000. In other words, allow the user to make a proposal, see if it would be agreed to, and then decide to go ahead or explore other options.
    • Allow scouting of rookies throughout the season.
    • Add All-Star voting, according to the new backcourt/frontcourt system.
    • Add customisation settings and sandbox elements similar to NBA 2K15's MyLEAGUE, where we can adjust injury frequency and severity, trade frequency, and so on.

Getting some of that basic functionality back into the mode, as well as taking the next step forward, is absolutely vital.

Also, while it's gameplay related, the bug where switching off automatic timeouts and substitutions for the user also disables them for the CPU definitely needs to be fixed, as it definitely interferes with the proceedings in Dynasty Mode when you want manual control over them. The alternative is the CPU never calling timeout or subbing our their starters.
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Re: What do you want to see in NBA Live 16's Dynasty Mode?

Postby Pdub on Sat Apr 11, 2015 5:33 am

I'd like to see some depth of content that makes the mode replayable or at least takes into account it's longevity. That would include commentary and statistic recording that recognizes changes in the league, it's teams, and players whether it is from progression and teams/players emerging, injuries, trades, coaching changes, and strategic adjustments both during a game and throughout the course of the season, playoffs, and multiple years.

I agree on the sandbox custom settings. I want to be able to adjust how good the draft class, as well as being able to edit and share it, including how good the high school(one and done) level is, the college level, and the international level, so we can customize the generated draftees so that they are not overpowered or underpowered, as well as giving the league a nice variety of incoming players.

I want them to add the legends in the ultimate team to draft classes, but put them at a lower rating as if they were rookies. That could give the dynasty mode's future seasons more interest than just generic players.

Add retired players to the available coaches pool so we have replacements for fired coaches.

Add multi-year goals instead of just season goals.

Advanced stats.

Plays of the week/NBA top 10.
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Re: What do you want to see in NBA Live 16's Dynasty Mode?

Postby Ermolli on Sat Apr 11, 2015 10:08 am

- Be influenced by Football Manager 14 and NFL Head Coach 09

-To have Dynasty Mode similar to NFL Head Coach 09 or at least have some of its features like different interpretations of player ratings according to the system, philosophy, or team the players are on,trade/free agent acquisition auction system,player behavior that players have different personality traits and characteristics that affect how they perform and how happy they are, more authentic pre-draft and draft according to the team needs.

- Hot and cold streaks could help in Dynasty by adding some strategy to the mode by choosing between putting the best players at that moment (and players that have chemistry or fit the system) instead of putting the players with the best overall on the starting 5 or not, those streaks would affect players ratings depending on player's consistency ratings.

-It could be interesting is if on Dynasty our European draft picks could play in Europe a couple of years if there isn't the urgency of having them now, or not signing some players but having their rights which could be used in trades.

-Revamp the Draft on Dynasty mode, only choosing five players to scout once is stale, shallow and lack any kind of interest in trying to rebuild via drafts. Let us scout players like previous Live games and bring more life to the draft like Madden 25.

- The ability to recruit free agents similar to how was done on previous NCAA Football games (Interviews, phone calls, offers, etc to attract free agents).

- To have the ability to know how the upcoming draft classes are going to be in the next few years (weak, normal or strong).

- Have the ability to create a team and have the option to use it as an expansion team. Maybe they could create the option like Fifa's Creation Center or NCAA's Teambuilder.

- Have the option to choose to begin Dynasty mode as an Assistant Coach and have limited things to do. If you perform well you can be offered to be HC of some team.

- To receive offers from other teams offering salary and staff point on Dynasty Mode, it was like a reward for my work in my opinion.

- Specific commentary (stats, standings, streaks, players, MVP candidates, etc)

- Three or four-team trades

- Chemistry and specific lineups to have more importance on gameplay

- More GM/coach interaction with players

- Sportscenter with news around the league, highlights, stories, rumors, etc (like NFL 2K5 had)

- ESPN rumors and news (like NBA Live 06 had)

- Offseason overhawl

- Bring something similar to Transfer Deadline Day from FIFA to Live. Instead of being about transfers like FIFA is about, it could be integrated something like that but for the trade deadline. Trade deadline day tends to be an interesting and tense day, with lots of speculation about which teams will try to upgrade their team on their way to the playoffs, if there's going to be a superstar swap, teams blowing up preparing for a rebuild, with lots of rumors. As it is right now that day is an afterthought on Dynasty Mode so this could spice up the mode and give more meaning to the day.

- It'd be great if besides scouting prospects ratings we could find out their tendencies to see if they could fit into our team's system and expectations for the vacant spot in our roster.

- I haven't seen any Mock Draft after the Draft Lottery which could be interesting to know if the player you want is expected to be chosen before or after your pick in order to trade up or down.

- Also, in my opinion it would be more helpful if users could get some kind of info about the prospect besides school, position, size, weight and projection; how about hometown, college stats, Draft Combine stats and NBA comparison? What I was considering about the Draft Combine was that you could use the different info that you could get from it and estimate how that could translate into ratings; for example a 41.5 inches on the Max Vertical Leap would be between a 80 and 85 on Jumping rating, 3.14 second in the Three Quarter drill would be between 85 to 95 Speed rating, those gaps would be reduced by scouting the player before the draft.
Another thing I wasn't sure if scouting should show player ratings, maybe if they do scout ratings those aren't necessarily the real rating the prospect is going to have, it could depend on the quality of your scouts; perhaps one of your scouts says X player will have 77 on 3 point shooting but he really has 59 and he makes the mistake because he’s an E scout. If not then maybe there could be several categories rated up to 10 like NBA Draft.net has (athleticism, size, defense, intangibles, NBA ready, potential, etc). Also there could be a couple paragraphs or lines about each prospects strengths and weaknesses.

- I feel salaries on Dynasty Mode should be dictated by stats and not so much on ratings. Players are payed based on their production during the past year more times than not, independent of their "ratings" if a player has a good year he usually get payed more than an underperforming better player, there's a reason many players play better during their contract years.
Also salaries should be according to their positions. Nowadays centers are payed more than other positions comparing the quality on their positions, so it would be more real if on Live 15 the average salary of centers is higher than point guards for example.
Overall ratings should be part of the players salary but shouldn't be the number one or only reason to dictate how much they earn on their salaries; potential, small or big market, previous injuries, team specific needs (rebounding, defense, three point shooting) could play a part on the amount a player is payed during free agency on Live 16.

- Several features from NBA Live 07 which I liked and gave a lot of depth to Dynasty Mode:
    Hire staff: assistant head coach, assistants, trainers, scouts; each with age, expected salary and years, specialty (which for example be leadership, development, league insider for assistant head coaches), ratings and teams interested. There’s a cap to hire them and could change based on how you did in the previous seasons.
    Training camp: focus on offense, defense and athletics.
    Players’ satisfaction being affected by market, roster stability, win percentage, playing time, team talent, bench order, team events and team chemistry.
    Team chemistry would be affected by those players’ satisfaction plus how well players’ got with each other and forming the starting lineups and different units that played well could depend on the synergy between the five players.
    Player fatigue through the season affected by minutes played, team events like practices, back to back games, road trips, age and games played.
    Rumors about signings, trades, releases, team chemistry, retirements which could be true or false; knowing these would be useful if you’re trying to sign a player or make a trade with someone who could be on the trade block.
    Player evolution through the year, they can slim down or gain weight affecting their athletics ratings and improve ratings via potential and playing time.
    Rookie scouting through the season with scouts and being able to play with or against them during the offseason to get a feel of them
    While drafting a player there are tabs indicating Team Weakness with players who could fill those needs and ESPN Comments on the players available that you’re going through, draft grades on the picks.
    Can separate free agents in all available, affordable, mid-level exception, minimum, waived, qualified veterans.
    Being able to trade during the off-season.
    Being able to be released by the team owner or being offered a position from another team.
    Being able to know before the off-season the projected draft class and if it’s strong, normal or weak.
    Train players on your team on offense, defense or athletics.
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Re: What do you want to see in NBA Live 16's Dynasty Mode?

Postby cdj on Sat Apr 11, 2015 2:07 pm

To start, here is from my previous wishlist with some extra notes:

Improved Dynasty
  • ESPN Ticker in Dynasty; Improved Dynasty Presentation. User should know league leaders & happenings throughout the game, not just when they look for info buried in menus.
  • Dynamic Crowds. Would make bigger games feel more important and maybe even lure user to sleep against lesser foes.
  • All-Star Weekend events (Shooting Stars, Skills Challenge, Rising Stars game, Celeb game, Three-Point Contest, Slam Dunk Contest) [Events also as one-off mode with online component with leaderboard/stat tracking as well.] Integration in Rising Star as well. All-Star voting leading up to event.
  • Ability to 'play' as coach (Coach Mode). Call plays, make subs, but game played out by CPU. (In all modes.)
  • Ability to contract/expand/alter league. IE: Add/relocate teams in Seattle or Las Vegas. Move existing teams to previous locations (using assets already in LUT), IE: Sacramento back to KC-Omaha, etc.
  • Ability to edit/create draft classes

To add on:

  • Online Dynasty: IMO imperative for leagues nowadays. However, there are several key aspects it needs: a) Ability for commish to set W/L, b) Ability for commish to approve/undo trades/signings (roster management), c) complete alteration (options) for league structure including division & league size, schedule length, playoff structure, etc. (Basically allow leagues for as small as four people, six game regular season, one game playoff/final all the way to full existing schedule and post-season. The long season is a drag for many, so options are imperative IMO.) d) Ability for unique team management (fantasy draft vs. free agency/trades, 'keepers', non-progression option, ability to add in created players/Rising Star player, etc.).

  • Option to use/add Legends on an individual basis.

  • Addition of NBDL, FIBA, Olympics, etc.

  • Full NBA stats and records (team and individual; game, season, career) that users can attempt to reach & surpass. This includes proper presentation items as well.

FWIW, I would put Online Dynasty (with the bevy of options included) & ESPN Ticker/Improved Presentation as my clear-cut #1 and #2.
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Re: What do you want to see in NBA Live 16's Dynasty Mode?

Postby 22cedric on Sat Apr 25, 2015 8:25 am

Here are some NBA Live 16 wishlist videos from Adam Coker Twitter @VR_Crucial

NBA LIVE 16 Dynasty Wishlist - Franchise Management

Let us have the ability to adjust concession pricing, ticket pricing, merchandise pricing,


NBA LIVE 16 Dynasty Wishlist - Staff Management & Academy


NBA LIVE 16 Dynasty Wishlist - Roster Management

Multi team trading needs to be added in. Have better signing logic and persuasions, editing players need to be added.

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Re: What do you want to see in NBA Live 16's Dynasty Mode?

Postby Cpt(K) on Fri May 29, 2015 1:13 pm

All I can think of is the editing of players. Not merely Jersey numbers or shoes, but hopefully facial appearance. So if the devs by accident include a funky face into the game we can at least alter it (face randomization, and perhaps sliders available along with presets).

I'm vying for total modification of players in dynasty mode - similar to NBA Live 09, but with extended features.
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Re: What do you want to see in NBA Live 16's Dynasty Mode?

Postby Andrew on Fri May 29, 2015 1:40 pm

That would be handy, along with custom Draft Classes. I feel there should be a restriction on editing player ratings, but then, that's always something that can be self-enforced. Cheaters are only cheating themselves, and all that.
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