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NBA Live 15 Wishlist

Postby Andrew on Wed Mar 05, 2014 9:27 pm

NBA Live 15 Wishlist

Welcome to our official Wishlist thread for NBA Live 15! In this thread, we're compiling constructive feedback for the NBA Live Development Team, based on what we want to see in NBA Live 15. Having talked to a couple of the developers about the Wishlist, we're changing up the format a little this time around, so that we can provide them with the best, most useful and most comprehensive feedback possible.

Important Notes

Please keep this stuff in mind as you're posting your ideas!

  • Post your top ten wishes/suggestions for the game, ie. the ten most important things that NBA Live 15 needs to do/add/improve upon. If you have a couple of extra points, that's fine, but no more than 15.

  • Elaborate and post details where necessary. Don't write an essay, but saying things like "better gameplay" doesn't give enough feedback either. Mention specific issues, along with relevant improvements and fixes you want to see. A few sentences or subpoints are fine and will add clarification.

  • Be constructive! No insults, flaming or bashing in this thread. If you're not interested in providing feedback, move along. If you want to vent about NBA Live 14, please do so in one of the impressions threads (or feel free to create a new one); again, this thread is for constructive feedback only. You don't need to sugarcoat things or hold back on talking about stuff that needs to be fixed, just don't be abusive.

That's about it. Feel free to start posting your ideas and if you have any further questions, just ask. The development team will be keeping tabs on this thread and we'll also be passing feedback on to them directly.
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Re: NBA Live 15 Wishlist

Postby JaoSming on Thu Mar 06, 2014 1:11 am

Sliders & Roster Customization (with Live 09/10 global edits/Create a player/etc).

Bring back the shootaround gym on initial startup and during load times just like Live 06-10 on PS360. Maybe even add local/online mini-games to it or something, just as a break from the regular gameplay.

Improve immersion in Dynasty mode by allowing the user to go more in depth with player roles, chemistry, personalities, etc. Add options to get fired and move to a different team. Bring in NBA D League for a farm system. Allow for custom draft classes, start a dynasty with a completely generated player league, and let the user add legendary players to teams in the beginning or have a chance to show up in draft classes.

Show what is getting changed with each Synergy update, like the DNA screens in Live 10 or a simple graph screen.

Allow your Rising Star player to be in Ultimate Team.

Add legends to play now modes, not just behind a UT unlock. Decade teams are nice, but let the user put them on current rosters as well.

Unlockables/Cheat Codes. Live 14 is based too much around UT, maybe have unlockable retro courts for play now/UT, or unlockable uniforms/shoes/legends. Cheat codes can be simple things like the NBA Jam OFE filters over the screen, the old Live Isometric camera, ABA/All Star balls, big head?, players wearing warmups on the court?, mascot mode? Just some fun things, be a video game.

In game, add detailed camera customization options and a lot more people on the baseline to crowd it up like real NBA games. I rarely see any open areas when watching NBA games, so try to fill those areas with security or other people. Also, add some variation to the crowd positions, its weird seeing everyone lined up perfectly in their seats.

Some kind of shot release indicator, show if a player is hot/cold, and some indicator if a team is on a roll/momentum. Also this - viewtopic.php?f=131&t=92436 (a spot on the floor showing the ideal shot location based on situation and positioning using Synergy)

In replays, add viscosity to the cameras so it doesn't track the ball 1:1, smooth it out.

And my ultimate wishlist is to have a Blacktop/Park mode from 2K in Live 15 but with the NBA Street Homecourt courts. No need for over-the-top animations or gameplay changes, just let me go 1v1-5v5 on a streetcourt :mrgreen:
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Re: NBA Live 15 Wishlist

Postby KennyJ1976 on Thu Mar 06, 2014 3:27 am

This is my wishlist for NBA Live 15, 1-10 in no particular order.
1. The Synergy updates to actually work as advertised.
2. Customized rosters and to be able to use them in all game modes
3. Add another announce team and a sideline reporter, preferably Mike Tirico, Hubie Brown, and Lisa Salters to go along with the current announce team
4. Have a studio show just like College Hoops 2K8 with pregame, halftime, and postgame show and a weekly wrap-up show
6. Regular season, playoff, and finals atmosphere. As we know, playoff and finals crowds are more pumped up than regular season. Have some chants too like Beat L.A. for example.
7. Graphics and animations as good if not better than NBA 2K14. Update every arena in the game exactly how it looks now, no more generic arenas
8. All Star weekend mode. All the events from Rising Stars to the All Star Game itself and include it in the Francise and My Player mode also
9. Story mode just like Fight Night Champion, not to replace any current game modes, but just a new game mode. It can be centered around a rookie, a superstar, or a veteran
10. NBA Street mode with all the courts from the old games and bring back Bobito Garcia. Also you decide how you want to play, simulation or NBA Street style
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Re: NBA Live 15 Wishlist

Postby Reaperwolverine on Thu Mar 06, 2014 6:37 pm

Top 10 things I want on NBA Live 15

1. PC Release
2. PC Release
3. PC Release
4. PC Release
5. PC Release
6. PC Release
7. PC Release
8. PC Release
9. PC Release
10. PC Release
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Re: NBA Live 15 Wishlist

Postby Sokrates505 on Thu Mar 06, 2014 10:39 pm

1. Animations: add more/better Animations to make the game look and feel more fluid
2. Ultimate Team: add an auction house wehre you can buy/trade players
3. Ultimate Team: add more online modes: like tournament or live season
4. accurate rosterupdates: when Paul Milsap is hitting 0.400 of his threes after 15 games just change his rating
5. Post Play: add more variety to the postplay: more control like change left and right hand, variety of fakes and little jump hooks (like in real b-ball; move and counter move)
6. gathers are great but add some variety to finish after every gather
7. add Varity for layups like with the floaters, ability to lay high of the glass with a layup in control of the player
8. Graphics: i like the look after the patch, but make it look a little better or all players look the same in quality like for example Kemba Walker or D-Wade
9. Passes: add more variety to the good fundamentals in 14, like touch passes
10. fully customizable rosters and modes: like tournament with 30 users on and offline, in former live s you could change everything you want
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Re: NBA Live 15 Wishlist

Postby tonyattia5 on Fri Mar 07, 2014 3:32 am

1. Game play: Hustle plays like diving for loose balls or out of bounds. Add more Contact layup animations,and under basket layups/ dunks. rebound animations, running, jumping and catching animations. Also hop step, spin, and euro step layups have contact so you can stop them more effectively. Make the steal button the intercept pass button too. Also finals regular season and playoff atmosphere. Add more camera angles especially the 2k camera angle on 2k as well as customizing them. Fix spin move cheese by having the ball be deflected if you spin wrong way or into defender.Remove out of bounds force field. Fix end of game situation AI like when down 1 try and get a play for a 2 and not just stand and wait until the clock runs out. Add shot feed back for jump shots and free throws. Also when ball is in bounded there is a delay when you first dribble. When you make a move in the post like a hop step there is a delay to shoot after it. Shots get blocked by elbows and heads and occur too often and the sound when you block the shot is not realistic. Cpu does not call time outs and their are no in game injuries. utilize right stick for shooting so more 2k people will convert.
2. Ultimate team: a market place and a salary for your players and al salary cap so teams are not too good.
3. Dynasty mode should be more in depth like pricing for merchandise and food, revenue, team goals, ect
4.Online: a crew type mode to play with your rising stars online. Fix lag
5. All star weekend: (rising star game, all star game, dunk contest, three point contest, skills challenge, shooting stars.)
6. Presentation: More enthusiastic commentary and more talk about players so there is no long pauses and more crazy van gundy phrases. Add sideline reporter. More more stat overlays.
8. Graphics:Better player models (not everyone is super defined in real life). More variance in skin tones. Do head scans. Accessories are too bulky and color is different from uniform,
9. Add game play sliders and the ability to edit rosters, and save them, and create a player outside of rising star. Add something like 2k share to share rosters draft classes ect.
10. Rising star: No more preset faces, Be able to choose skin tone, facial hair, and hair. (headband should not be only for bald people). Be able to choose jump shot, free throw, fadeaway, post fades, dunk packages, sig moves ect. Also add something like talk to gm from 2k13 to ask for trades, get coach/players off team. Add endorsements, press conferences and rivalry games where you get double rsp. Also be able to buy clothes for rising star. add multiplier to rsp if you play on higher difficulty. Add off the court situations where your decisions affect you like partying but then you are late for practice. Be able to get injured. Add in game obgectives. Make scoring system based on grades and dont penalize for missing shots. Reward good shot selection, ball movement, good passes, assists, blocks, good defense ect. Penalize turnovers, allowing offensive rebound by your man, bad defense, not getting baxk in transition.
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Re: NBA Live 15 Wishlist

Postby tonyattia5 on Fri Mar 07, 2014 3:33 am

Add black top mode and full legend teams
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Re: NBA Live 15 Wishlist

Postby tonyattia5 on Fri Mar 07, 2014 11:09 am

1. Fix blocking pump fakes
2. If you get someone to bite on a pump fake add animations to jump into them and draw the foul like D. wade
3. Add more signature freethrows, jumpshots, floaters, and more varied crossover, hesitation, spin move packagesso people who don't have sig moves dont have the same basic crossovers.
4. More signature postmove like dirks one foot fade or kobes fade. Also vary jump hooks.
5. Take off the power passing from FIFA
6. Have up to date stat overlays like records for teams and individual stats and have the comentators talk about it.
7. crowds are not very loud and add signature chants
8.Make hair look more realistic and have hair tesselation for long haired players
9.Add all uniforms that teams play in
10.keep up the good work
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Re: NBA Live 15 Wishlist

Postby ThaLiveKing on Fri Mar 07, 2014 11:16 am

Wish List:

- Add as much custom animations as you can to each player. Fill animations gaps so transitions are much smoother
- Abilities to turn off hot/cold streaks based on synergy data. Keep other data active like play calling and tendencies
- More advanced practice mode
- Practice plays, 5 on 5 practice and scrimmages, (bench vs starters), abilities to switch line ups in practice
- Allow us to edit player attributes and accessories, and able to save rosters locally
- Allow a custom zone
- Create player mode, Create team Intros for each team, allow us to enjoy the sound track even more
- Allow a Synergy zone
- Everything synergy related in this zone, including big moments, NBA rewind etc
- Have an online mode similar to Adidas Live Run; Call it Gym Rat or Gym Mode
- The Ability to play one on one (two on two, or three on three) online modes
- Ability to add our faces in the game
- Coach Mode
- Custom Camera angles, or the ability to adjust default camera angles
- Faster transitions through half time and post game show
- Try to get rid of as much cut scenes as possible, everything should be live action, If a play affects a player, close up of their emotions in real time, show off face scans
- Refs more active, quick in bounds, passes players the ball etc. Attention to detail, Referee animations on travelling calls, blocking falls, Joey Crawford type stuff in game to piss of players lol
- Tone down dunks
- Control the ability to taunt/celebrate after big plays similar to goals scored in FIFA and NHL series. Will work well with dagger shots and game winners


- Instead of a hop-step button, have it as a gather button
- When the game updates, have a list of what's updated

More Wish list stuff here: viewtopic.php?f=131&t=94749
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Re: NBA Live 15 Wishlist

Postby Mr LostSoul on Fri Mar 07, 2014 3:25 pm

1. Body contact in paint.
2. Shadows/better job mimicking gravity on the court so it doesn't look like they're floating going up&down court.
3. Larger steps. They move their legs like mice in 14. Shouldn't take 8 steps to turn the corner on someone. Shouldn't take 20 steps getting to the rim on a break with Rose and Westbrook.
4. Realistic dunks. You never--rarely if ever--saw anyone do that one legged windmill, windmilling off the same side they jumped off in the nba. And personally, a much simpler, realistic version would look and feel so much better.
5. Layups off the glass.
6. Better on ball defense. Shouldn't be able to perform dribble moves out the ass with a defender right on your grill. At least let the ball come loose.
7. More variety of jump shots.
8. More fluid jumpshots. Couple of years behind right here.
9. Bump charging fouls up about a tiny few 83 percents.(In the paint specifically)

10. Every nba live player is a Dleague-er. No one's ever ready to catch and shoot, they come off curls with their backs to the basket, they allow their man to spin off and dunk on them in the post every other play without bodying him up. Throw soft passes. Hitch in their jumpshots. Can't make a sharp, simple one dribble pull-up. They don't hustle. They give up continuations willfully. Allow pg's to bang on them.
So yeh, my 10th wish is a damn complaint.

haha, just realized I'm allowed 15.
11. Stop the update after the hour madness. We all knew it wasn't going to work, and it didn't.
12. Put back every single edit option that was taken out UNJUSTLY.
13. Get better rim sounds, better net sounds, better backboard sounds, better squeak sounds, add some fouling sounds, boost PA guy, then get better PA sounds.
14. If it in anyway hinders the rest of the game, reduce the half time show. It's too long anyway, and very generic. It's cool, but not all necessary.
15. Go back to TWO shooting options.
Circle-jump shot/hookshot/floater. More avoiding contact.
Square-layup/dunk/floater(2)/fingerroll. More forcing contact.
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Re: NBA Live 15 Wishlist

Postby tonyattia5 on Mon Mar 10, 2014 11:09 am

Rolling inbounds
Choose inbounder
Alley oops from inbound
More contact when you hop step so you don't move the defender back and have an easy layup
PC release
Wingspans and body length
Pick and roll indicator
Have preferred matchups on certain players not the whole position
Signature skills like 2k
More African American type haircuts for rising star
Be able to customize shoes
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Re: NBA Live 15 Wishlist

Postby xredheatx on Fri Mar 14, 2014 1:46 pm

Online suggestions

1. Ability for guests accounts so multiple people on one console can play online.

2. Reduce lag

3. Team play

4. Online leagues

5. Online franchise

1. More contact in the paint

2. More offensive and defensive animations for the paint

3. CPU being more decisive off dribble moves. CPU won't take advantage of the angles they create and punish people for bad D.

4. CPU shot clock violations and end of quarter AI

5. Out of bounds plays

6. Shoot around gym at load screen and before game starts.

7. More use of the glass and rim interactions.

8. More use of PA announcer and sounds from the court prospective.
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Re: NBA Live 15 Wishlist

Postby [Q] on Fri Mar 14, 2014 4:46 pm

xredheatx wrote:Online suggestions

1. Ability for guests accounts so multiple people on one console can play online.

Or allow second player to sign into their account like in Call of Duty to allow them to level up/ gain points, etc.

Live should bring back "user stats" as well. It would be really interesting to compare your stats vs your friends
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Re: NBA Live 15 Wishlist

Postby tonyattia5 on Sat Mar 15, 2014 7:45 am

Keep the power passing and lead passing just teach people how to do it
Be able to choose sets like 3 out 2 in or 4 out 1 in for spread 4s
When people come off screens they should catch and turn simultaneously so they can shoot before defender comes
Contact dunks
When post player are fronted and they get the ball they should not turn away from the basket they should go towards it since that is the direction they are facing
Be able to choose what hand you finish with by stick direction
Bring the hangar and the espy screen to watch espn on the game and a ticket at the bottom for nba news
Dribble pull-ups should be based off a player normal shooting release and form as well as step backs
Send me a copy of live 14 because these are based on demo
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Re: NBA Live 15 Wishlist

Postby 22cedric on Sun Mar 23, 2014 2:08 am

NBA Live 15 : Suggestion Day 1 Improve the Graphics

NBA Live 15 : Suggestions Day 2 Improve Gameplay Animations

NBA Live 15 needs a engine similar to NBA 2Ks EcoMotion Engine
NBA 2K14 -- Eco-Motion

NBA Live 15 Suggestion Day 3 - Fix The Skin Textures

NBA Live 15 : Suggestion Day 4 - Bring Back NBA Live 10 Controls
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Re: NBA Live 15 Wishlist

Postby DCeeMusik83 on Mon Mar 24, 2014 5:10 pm

1. Better animations, WAY better graphics, the gameplay needs to be more robust and responsive (there were times that it was not) make use of the IGNITE engine as promised.
2. Give those who do not want to play Ultimate Team a way to get those secret items and players.
3. Scrap the NBA Live 13 engine. It was not a good look for next-gen.
4. Street mode, practice arenas (ala Live 09/10) and bring back the dunk and 3 point contest.
5. NBA Live 95 mode. It is the 20th anniversary.
6. For the rising star mode, add scenarios depending on the decision the player makes. Yeah, include the NBDL as well.
7. WNBA! Why hasn't Live added this yet?!
8. International play. Bring the FIBA mode back.
9. Audio has to improve. The music was great, the commentary needs variation from time to time.
10. I liked NBA Live 14, but for the last time: bring it into the NEXT GENERATION! If FIFA, and MADDEN look and feel great the PS4 and XB-ONE, why not NBA Live? This year, pull no punches. Bring everything out. Come out swinging!

Thank you

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Re: NBA Live 15 Wishlist

Postby Mr LostSoul on Wed Mar 26, 2014 11:11 pm

This one is on the more shallow/fun side.

1. Freestyle superstars - ala live 06:
Playmaker(thread needle), highflyer(oops/height), power(power), set-shot, lay-up scorer/fade-away scorer/post scorer... Outside/inside stopper, charge-taker. I know people thought them overpowered, but it also added an individuality. And it doesn't need to be its own system, but the animations need to be in. These tiers of play styles players should have automatically.

2. To this day, live 06(ps2) has had the most contact mid-air collisions. Do that, but make more.
3. Tutorials - just makes sense. Made it feel like so much was in the game in those live 06 tutorials with the voice overs. They'd be like 2-4 minutes long, and have every aspect of the game controls in them and shown in play.
4. more on skills - have a certain "skill" where a player can get the crowd going by their success. Cheering and awing.
5. Rougher on ball D. I want the reward of shaking and blowing by a tough defender, of hitting the tough shot over one who stays in the play, having to step-back--not to be fancy but because I have to to get a decent shot off.
6. Live 06's triple threat game(ps2). low swingthru, shield ball behind, step-thru, jabs, overhead.
7. Post/driving pumpfakes -- side to the defender, that can be quick and repeated or full and long depending on how fast you tap the button.
8. Shots taken depending on your facing to the basket. If facing away from the basket and I wanna shoot it, let that shot be a 180/90 ect. fade away. If i'm not perfectly facing the basket and shoot it, let that shot be what it is. A pull-up. Just don't put it where the player has to line his feet up to shoot every time. Looks dumb, and it's not realistic. Have that be a factor in how to get a "perfect shot", have it show up in practice that it reduces shot percentage--unless they're scorers.
9. Directional fading.
10. A rebound mechanic.
11. Mid-air change dunk/lay-up into a directional lay-up.
12. Hop step -- Live 06. If done in front of a defender the defender doesn't scoot out the way, the hopstepper hops into an occupied spot and loses balance. Turnover/charge/steal/block/no call.

13. ^^ That's how the contact in-paint should be. It's on the list TWICE. Some sort of system like that is needed. Get rid of the slide-you-out-the-way-for-this-bucket-bruh game mentality. This is the most pissing off thing ever created in a basketball game ever. If they're gonna move me out the way, ****, I wanna see my player get knocked out, I wanna see the impact on the face when they take that hit so I can justify my anger and take it out on that player by subbing him out for being a ***** and not playing on. Get rid of the ghost-slides. I don't know what to do when that happens. I look at the replays and it's just there. God is just there. He doesn't want me to affect the shot.
14. Change the pass stealing. Its been outdated. The window for it is very screwy, it's never a definite thing no matter your position. If there was ever something to take from your competitor, this is what it should be.
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Re: NBA Live 15 Wishlist

Postby Andrew on Thu Mar 27, 2014 10:14 pm

I realised I hadn't posted my list yet, so here goes:

  • Add gameplay sliders to adjust frequencies, percentages, etc. Allowing users to adjust elements such as game speed, frequency of blocks on the perimeter, etc can go a long way in fixing individual complaints and helping to tailor the gameplay experience according to personal preference.

  • Allow the speed of the accelerated clock to be adjusted, perhaps with a couple of faster and slower speed settings.

  • Tone down the frequency of the user losing the ball on pump fakes (or allow it to be controlled by gameplay sliders).

  • Add some kind of visual aid in the player indicator to represent a perfect release window on jumpshots and free throws (such as the flash utilised in NBA 2K). Additional on-screen feedback (if toggled on) indicating the quality of the shot and release timing would be good as well.

    In fact, if at all possible, implement a more sophisticated method of shooting free throws that gives us more control over the shot (like the T-Meter did back in the day). NBA Elite 11’s method of shooting didn’t work for jumpshots, but actually wasn’t bad for free throws, if that’s still feasible.

  • Keep the current control scheme – I really prefer it to any other control scheme in a basketball video game – but expand upon the controls a little. Specifically, bring back the old Freestyle Air controls (i.e. the ability to manually attempt a tip-in, put-back dunk or grab the offensive rebound) and the ability to fake a pass.

  • Improve control responsiveness and fluidity. Even after the official patch, there was some stiffness to NBA Live 14.

  • Improve animations for a more realistic looking game, with better transitions between animations, along with better aesthetics for a truly “next gen” look. Add new animations, particularly a wider variety of dunks and layups.

  • Continue to enhance Dynasty Mode, to make it a deeper experience. Some specific suggestions include:

    • Continue to tweak simulated stats for as much accuracy as possible
    • Bring back Edit Player menu, so that we can assign accessories and new jersey numbers when we acquire players
    • Allow scouting of players throughout the season, as in older games
    • Allow us to view a complete list of the season’s transactions
    • More stats screens, including advanced stats
    • Add All-Star voting
    • Add 10 day contracts and contract extensions
    • Allow users to change teams between seasons and control multiple teams
    • Allow five-on-five scrimmages with your team at any time, for practice
    • Bring back development drills for training players
    • Add the ability to hire and fire head coaches
    • Feedback from other teams indicating why they don't agree to a trade
    • Ability to confirm/cancel a trade that's been agreed to.
    • Keep the rotation screen that was added in NBA Live works perfectly and it's what we were waiting for!

  • Continue to enhance Rising Star, with immersive features such as endorsements, fake social media, team scrimmages and development drills. Personally, I’d like to see it fleshed out in the vein of NBA 2K’s MyCAREER on the last generation; I’m not a fan of the linear, storyline-driven approach 2K has taken on next gen.

  • Allow customisation of rosters, with local saves in case we want to start a Dynasty game with opening night rosters or a custom roster of our choosing. It would also be great if we could easily upload and share custom rosters with other users. Creation tools/modes I’d like to see include:

    • Create-a-Player
    • Edit Player
    • Trades/Free Agency (so that we can make moves ourselves ahead of the official roster updates)
    • Custom Teams
    • Playbook/Coach Profile Editing (as seen in NBA Live 14)

  • Expand Shootaround/Practice mode. Allow five-on-five scrimmages and quick switching of players in single player shootarounds. The ability to practice plays and free throws would also be very handy.

  • Utilise Legends outside of Ultimate Team, such as the All-Decade teams from previous NBA Live games. If deals can be reached to expand the roster of Legends, that would be fantastic.

  • Bring back single season and standalone Playoffs mode (particularly the latter). Keep features like Ultimate Team, LIVE Season and BIG Moments; great concepts that compliment traditional features like Dynasty Mode very well.

  • Bring back All-Star Weekend mode, and integrate it into Dynasty Mode and Rising Star. While innovation would be appreciated, the way it was implemented before was certainly fun and more than serviceable.

  • PC Release! There’s a dedicated PC gaming community that would definitely check out a new NBA Live game. We’ve been waiting since NBA Live 08. ;)

Keep it coming, everyone!
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Re: NBA Live 15 Wishlist

Postby Phreak50 on Fri Mar 28, 2014 5:20 am

- Make online trophies/achievements not count to the Platinum/100%

Firstly, when hardly anyone buys and plays the game to start with, it makes it tough for people wanting to get the Platinum.

Secondly, when the online connection sucks so bad (think pressing the shoot button and seeing it happen a second later...), you are kidding to expect people to get every online trophy just to complete the game.
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Re: NBA Live 15 Wishlist

Postby Mr LostSoul on Fri Mar 28, 2014 5:53 pm

1. Make defense a physically visual thing. On-ball and off. Let's see hands moving, waists contorting, feet being more immediate, ramp up the court squeaks just to add to this.

2. Make fade-aways a factor again, players can make them. No player is going to/can shoot straight up and down with a defender right on them. Unless you got a playmaker/plays creating open looks, you're going to see tons of fading and off-balanced shots. Almost every isolation/drive never ends in a set-shot. One of the few things I liked about ELITE is that if you pressure the offense it forced them to fade on their shot.
Put all the shot types in the game. Lean left or right, this angle or that angle, straight back fade, forward leaning and all those angles. Bring the fun back in getting off a shot.

3. Combine the above with having to manually square your feet for the best percentage shot, otherwise the shot will go up however you're planted, and you're on your way to more fluid and realistic looking and playing ball.

4. Revolution idea for layups/(floater) and dunks:
Let's say you have to hold down the shot button--the longer you hold it down the longer you put off releasing the finish. And while you're holding it down, and as you enter flight, you control what hand/direction/motion you finish with with the left analogue. So you manually control your whoopty-doos, pumps, Dr.J's, circus shots, manually avoiding the shot blocker. You can release it quick, or hold it and release it as you're coming back to earth--which could end up being reverse finishes on the other side of the basket.

In the same way for dunks, holding turbo, you manually control the hand/directions pumps, cockbacks, windmill motions alike, all depending on that players abilities--vert and style. The penalty being: if you hold too long or release too early, you might get hung, or blow it off the back iron. I mean, couldn't you picture capitalizing on a game on a breakaway and doing your own windmill? Your own tomahawk? Trying to make them look as full motioned as possible?
Or tie trick dunks entirely to their own and leave the above just for avoidance. For breakaway dunks tie them in with the gather, press the gather, then try to dunk. Twirl on during the gather for spins, direct in air for the dunk. Done. Eliminated unrealistic dunks in traffic(for the most part) while keeping them in the game.

5. Right analogue celebrations possible after made baskets and dead balls.
6. Put in unlockables, secret gyms, unlockable shoes, accessories, dribble moves, Unique crowds who stand till a bucket, or hijack the pbp commentary with their noise and chants, unlock mvp chants, boos and anti chants, plus other weird, cool, bonus, creative side rewards just to help the game's lifespan.
7. I also say screw the my=player counter. Make a legacy mode with real players.
8. Challenge modes: 1v1, 21--1v1v1, HORSE, Dunk/finish on these defenders(with Nm.4 idea in place)--Something similar to the days of Madden challenges, and you have to get the gold.
9. X=generic pass / X(hold)=soft lob / X+turbo=bullet passes. / X(double tap)=bounce / X(tap any other button before pass releases)=fake.
Keep the passing on one button, that other button can be put to great use.
10. Contact initiated moves.
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Re: NBA Live 15 Wishlist

Postby Andrew on Tue Apr 08, 2014 1:43 pm

If I can sneak a sixteenth point into my list, I forgot to mention in-game injuries. I'd like to see them return as they obviously add an extra challenge and sense of realism to the game. Also, not only does it enhance gameplay, it naturally adds an extra dimension to Dynasty Mode as you're left to deal with injuries that put players out of action and adjust your lineup accordingly. Injuries are present in NBA Live 14's Dynasty Mode as they can occur during simulation, but it'd be great to have them back in gameplay as well.
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Re: NBA Live 15 Wishlist

Postby search and destroy on Tue Apr 08, 2014 2:06 pm

Some things I think could go a long way, from past games.

1. Player introductions in Dynasty mode, from signings, waives and trades. (Live 04)
2. Player introductions before the start of the game, not just the key, home court player in the playoffs.
3. Player/Team options in Dynasty mode.
4. True to life player personalities. This blew me away how 2K integrated it.
5. A story line to Rising Star. Maybe starting from the blacktop, to D-League, to NBA. Or the draft, a choice.
6. Shoot around for ultimate team, Rising Star and the startup of the game (team courts). Live 08 esque.
7. More customization for Rising Star. Facial hair, face customization. Live 10 did well.
Sub note: All hair (excluding arm, leg) should have adjustable length. Along with calf size, shoe size, wingspan etc.
8. Bring back 1v1 (2v2 etc) pickup games. Bring back gym, or street court choice. (Live 04)
9. Pregame and week wrapup show. As someone else pointed out, I believe it was from College hoops 2K.
10. Custom rosters. This would go a long way. From correcting gear to making a player like Justin Hamilton (Heat).

And because I can't leave this out.

11. Legendary teams and legends pool (<< live 04). Not just teams like the 95 Bulls. But the 02 Lakers, 00 Sixers, 03 Pacers etc.

12. And one last thing. Shoot around for everyone. FAs, Legends, Historic teams etc.
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Re: NBA Live 15 Wishlist

Postby 22cedric on Tue Apr 08, 2014 4:45 pm

NBA Live 15 Suggestions (Presentation)

(NBA Live Commentary Concerns)

The commentary in NBA Live 14 is subpar to say the least once you get about a minute into the game they stop actually talking about the players at all it’s so monotone. The commentary is extremely generic there will be a lot of quiet stretches. It’s annoying actually if I have to hear passes the ball, dribbling it down the court multiple times in a row.

(NBA Live 15 Commentary Suggestions)

Make commentary sound as organic as possible with natural sounding conversation, anecdotes and reactions to the current game situation as well as the current and recent seasons in Dynasty. Have the commentators react with appropriate excitement and play off one another as in real life. There should be more variance and a sense of improvisation. Each color analyst should fully contribute their unique insight on trends within the game. It would be cool to have the ESPN commentators face scanned into the game. The commentary should have little to no timegaps, as well as little repetition of lines. I want NBA Lives commentary to be very solid since NBA 2Ks commentary is very impressive and stellar. NBA Live 15 needs authentic ESPN Commentary that sounds like a actual NBA broadcast game. It would be cool if Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy could be in the booth talking in the actual game.
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Re: NBA Live 15 Wishlist

Postby ChicagoBulls24 on Tue Apr 08, 2014 11:54 pm

Some things that I think Live needs to do in order to become successful.

-Specific Arena announcers from all 30 teams

-Specific Arena music from all 30 teams

-Updated commentary with no time gaps and actual real voices

-Better Halftime show(Add the full NBA Countdown roundtable)

-Quicker Player and ball movement

-Updated Crowd animations

-And last but not least is there anyway to make Mike Breen and JVG sound like the actual Mike Breen and JVG on Espn instead of a Amateur Commentator with a dull monotone voice.

-Players and coaches need to be scanned badly.

-Pregame Introductions(Like player introductions)

-Player & Coach Interviews

-How about actually seeing JVG and MB talk during Halftime with the roundtable
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Re: NBA Live 15 Wishlist

Postby Mr LostSoul on Thu Apr 17, 2014 7:32 pm

I'm trying not to rehash any. If you're going for simulation.

1. In the paint you should have more contact body-body based animations and shots than not. Severely reduce dunks. And over-flooding with in-paint reasonable contact would cover up the fact that blocking shots in Live is a miss more than hit.
2. Lessen freebies. If someone's got a open lane, have players hack them intentionally.
3. More offensive fouls. To create more presence of the bodies, and also to add more reason to stop-n-pops. Why stop n pop if I know I can dunk on you, slide you out the way, knock you over and never get called for it with Raymond Felton and Iverson? (Live 14 logic)
4. Euro charges/hop charges. Baiting and then hopping to the spot. Big men and all alike take more charges these days anyway.
5. More seal ups. Players waiting offball for screens, plays and whatnot. More sealing pass catches. Overall just more Defender Offensive interaction all across the board.
6. Don't foul a jumpshooter. Bring back the bait for those jumping too soon/players who's momentum over carries. Make some offensive fouls in those situations: fading leg kickouts, over-leaning in.

7. If you're not causing the offensive player to take off-balanced shots, to stumble, then it's more often-than-not bad defense. Like a story, they say "show don't tell". Show us the shots being affected. Is he double clutching? leaning? Did he slip? put more arc on the shot? throw a line drive? waved the ball around his head first, switched hands, fall backward and is slow to get up?
8. Smoother(not longer. least not too much longer) transitions of animations.
9. Does it kill Jeff and Breen to yell? To put some emphasis in their voices? They sound so phony in the game.
10. As always, the crowd. If Jeff/Breen can't yell, let the crowd yell, let the PA yell. You got reg season atmosphere, playoffs. But add in some clutch atmosphere, some 4th quarter atmosphere, some rivalry atmosphere. Nothing kills the mood more than a big bucket going unnoticed and being under appreciated by the game presentation.

11. small stuff. Rim sound. Get rid of the crunch dunks. Give us those lingering bang, ding sounds. Give us those soccer kick sounds on some jumpshots that back-rim down in.
12. Net sounds. Give us some hard ripping shots.
13. The camera zoom-out. On big shots. Aka 4th quarter. When the camera zooms in when the shot's taken, then when it goes in it pans out wide to show the crowd. Espn.
14. POP plays. Crowd popping plays that goes from them sitting down to both hands up standing. Just watch a kobe bryant clutch shot mix. Big time blocks. Big time steals. Them plays and crowd reactions that make you think Stone Cold just came in the building.

(edit: april 23) 15. Aside of standard edit accessories, how sick would it be to customize your courts and adjust certain codes, dress codes, chants, and actions for the fans during your season. Ala nba street vol3, I believe. And/or let us change stuff like baseline colors based on previous versions of the courts history. Or put in unlockable versions of those older courts.
Bring back the parks and random gyms. They've been gone for too long.
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