TUTORIAL: Allow Retro Team Trading in Ultimate Base Roster

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TUTORIAL: Allow Retro Team Trading in Ultimate Base Roster

Postby HAWK23 on Sat Feb 22, 2014 2:19 am

Jao - I apologize in advance - I tried to post this in the Tutorials section but I did not have rights to do so:

It can be annoying when you download the Ultimate Base Roster (UBR) and learn that the game won't let you trade players between retro teams, "Trading players between created teams / custom teams is not allowed".

This very quick tutorial (including youtube video) will show you how to enable trading to allow the swapping of players between ALL teams regardless if they are a retro created team or one of the regular NBA teams. This will work with ANY roster that has created teams in it.

phpBB [video]

#1: Load game and load Ultimate Base Roster

#2: Go to Game Modes and start a SEASON (NOT an association, you must start a SEASON)

#3: Once you get to the main calendar screen of your newly created season EXIT your season to get back to the main menu

#4: Now go to rosters and try to trade with any teams - trading is now enabled for all teams including the Retro/Custom Teams
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