LSR Last Glory Released!!!

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LSR Last Glory Released!!!

Postby linrongyan on Fri Jul 31, 2020 4:21 pm

How do you view recent NBA seasons? The game is still amazing as unique and talented players are emerging from time to time? or it has been boring since there is not actually physical confrontation? LSR Last Glory Roster will take you to experience the tough battles among teams in the first decade of 2000s again: O.K.’s Lakers vs 2004 pistons squad? Spear vs Shield, M.S.N. of Phoniex Suns VS G.D.P. of Spurs?and more...

Meanwhile, the roster also contains 30 All Time 20-men teams and 4 special teams. Magic vs Bird, who will be the winner of classic yellow-green rivalry? Knicks vs Nets, who will be the beloved one of the New York City? Will Bad Boys Pistons stop MJ & D-Rose’s Bulls from the W? will LBJ & Irving’s Cavs revenge Stephen & Wilt’s Warriors?


If you were a new basketball fan, this is the roster take you through the time you have missed.
If you were a old school fan to basketball, this is the roster help you reminisce about the good old days.


This Roster is based on the original roster of 2K14, and it is a free roster. Therefore, please, respect the LSR team’s effort in making the roster and the time we gave, and do not steal & sell for profit. If you want to edit anything on the roster, please contact the LSR team.
This roster is sutiable for MC, Season, Association and Backtop modes.
It did not show any bugs during testing period, please install the mod with a pure clean game file. do not mess up this mod with other mods. if you find bugs, please contact the LSR Team.
Methods to pick players for All Time Teams:

Longevity with the team is matter. In order to make the roster, player to be selected must have played at least 82 games (one full season) in the team uniform, and at least a quarter of his career must have been spent in the team.
Numbers don’t lie, and peak of players don’t hide. Excellent personal statistics is needed to be member of all time dream time, but not necessary when players have spent his career with the team and played an important role.
Players aim success & championship. Numbers of championship and rewards will be bonus.
Players are allowed to appear for several teams as long as he give good enough run with those teams. Therefore, player like LBJ will appear for three teams with three different ratings.
NBA 50 Greatest will be in the roster. Players with excellent performance are allowed to to appear repeatedly on certain team.

In short, the criteria for choosing players is combination of statistics, Accomplishments in Team, and Years with Team, instead of consideration of any single element. BTW, as long as the player makes contribution to team, he is possible to appear for different teams.

LSR Team
Court: 麦蜜,杀马特,大莺歌
Rating, Copywriting & Testing:老大爷,鹿先生
Miscellaneous:LSR灰灰, 威威

Special Thanks to cyberface authors for their outstanding works: Big-Shot-Rob, Blang 2K, Icecr, Lidd, Maravich, Monzki,NK, R4zor, SEA.... and other modders may forget to mention here

If you want to check out the mod before you download it, below are links for gameplay or clip (feel free to subscribe the video maker),
Players‘ Clip: ... e_k=lHE6vd

All Star Team Battle:


If you want know more about this mod, you could be part of our QQ(Chinese Social Media) Group: 2K14forever. The Group number is 247645400.

Last but most important thing, the download link: ... y.rar/file

2K14 mod made from China. Hope your guys enjoying the game. Sorry my English is not that good! Peace Out!
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Re: LSR Last Glory Released!!!

Postby linrongyan on Tue Aug 04, 2020 3:13 pm

For those who have downloaded the roster, please response if you have any thought. Your comment is important for us.
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