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2KZ League Project

Postby ModManZZZ on Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:18 am

After I finish updating the coaches and stuffs for NBA 2KZ (formely known as NBA & NBAGLeague 2k) trades and transactions in the upcoming season will be very minimal so I’m thinking of making some kind of NBA2k League in NBA 2k14 (of course it is not online game) but in a different way. Hopefully it happened and continued.

Ideas and influence(s): 2K Sports’ NBA2k League
Other Ideas and influence(s): ICBA2k League live stream and Ciudad2k League live stream.

* Players: Players consists of PCFs.
* MyCareer, Association and Season compatible:
* Team: Consists of up to 30 unique (fictional) teams. (although I can start the league even with only 5 teams) . minimum of 10 and maximum of 12 players per team. Maybe I will include 1 NBA superstar player per team as an enforcer (import).
* Unique rules and regulations: It must be different from NBA, maybe 7 fouls or something like that so players could play more, etc.
* Team’s draft rounds and player’s Draft picks will be determined by a computerized “roulette”. (Same as TroyDan Gaming is using).
* Windy City Assasin Gaming’s “2K Rucker League”: “Windy City Assasin Gaming” has full access on NBA2KZ and 2KZ-League based on ModManZZZ’s permission so some teams (or all teams) might be seen in 2K Rucker League.
* It will be released: This league will be released so that you can play your team in your computer. WARNING: NOT compatible with ModManZZZ’s NBA 2kZ updated roster or any roster files so you have to have another NBA 2k14 main file.
* All-star players based on their performance in the video steaming (I might ask Windy City Assasin Gaming for this) will be included in NBA 2KZ releases in one all-star team.

For those who wants to join in this league: (The start of joining the league will be “ANNOUNCED SOON”).
1. Players’ registration’s requirements:
a. PCF(personal cyberface) is required. Wearing face paint, mask and changing the real name to alias are also considered as PCF and allowed.
b. Height of the players must compute their “real life height in feet and inches” based on 2KZ-league height computation. Formula: 2KZ height = (RealHeightinFeet + 1 & RealHeightinInches - 1)
Example: Real Height is 5’7” = 2KZ Height is 6’6”
c. Weight of the players must compute their “real life weight in pounds” based on 2KZ-league weight computation. Formula: 2KZ weight = Real weight + 90.
Example: Real Weight is 150 lbs = 2KZ Weight is 240 lbs.
d. Players rating and tendencies must be based in real life, if you really a good player in real life (heavy scorer, outdoor league MVP etc.) you can have 80s or 90s rating if you really deserves it so honesty is the key here. You will appreciate your character more if it is really you. Only ONE signatire move is allowed.
e. Players’ information (in ros file) must be in Microsoft Excel as shown in the photo.

2. Team registration:
a. Modders and gamers that will join their created teams (any number of teams) has a privilege to add PCFs roster to their corresponding team. If they already have 10-12 players it will never not be included in the draft picks anymore because the roster is already full.
b. Jersey, court and arenas files (*.iff) is required.
c. Logos and dornas files (*.iff) is optional.
d. Any types of courts and arenas are all accepted. (common indoors, streets, parks, and gym).
e. Teams information (also the players’ information you added in your team) should be in MS Excel as shown in the photo.
f. Name of arenas/home court is also a requirement in notepad.

I may add additional information.

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