How to use any player from any mod for your MyCareer mode. (Instructions added)

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How to use any player from any mod for your MyCareer mode. (Instructions added)

Postby DaCrispy on Mon May 01, 2017 6:28 pm

This is something I spent a while trying to figure out and when I did I thought I would just put it up here.
I wanted to do this because you can use it to make a MyCareer with a player from another mod. Mostly using people from March Madness 2K14 after I have played through their college career on association mode.

You could also use it to make a deeper free agency with undrafted and stuff like that I guess.

You will need:
NBA 2K14 Basic Editor
To use the Game in window mode.

1. Open up the mod from which you are trying to move a player from.
2. Go to Manage Roster on the main menu.
3. Go to the player of your choice and go on to edit player.
4. Minimise the game and open up NBA 2K14 basic editor.
5. There will be a number on the top left.
6. Copy that number or take note of it and then go to the mods main directory.
7. Search for png(number here).off
8. When the file appears copy it
9. Paste the file in the other mod that you wish to use the player in.
10. Exit the mod your on and open up the one that you would like the player moved to.
11. I will be doing this for a MyCareer file as in my video. First go to My player and change the skin tone to the one your player is going to be. Also edit name to your players.
12. Start the new MyCareer.
13. When in the editing mode before you start minimise the game.
14. Open up Basic Editor again and this time change the number at the top left to the number that previously appeared in the other mod. This is the cyberface.
15. Then change then middle slot to either the second or third option and press Save 1. (If in Chinese it's the option on the left)
16. Note that once cyberface is successfully changed your player will likely go bald and have a headband. This is normal and you can remove headband in gear and shoes.
17. Fill in the details and start the game!

If you would like to visually see what to do if you got lost quickly watch the video to get more of a feel on what to do.
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