Changing Team Names in NBA 2K13

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Changing Team Names in NBA 2K13

Postby goktanthegreat on Mon Nov 19, 2018 1:17 am

Hi, forum!

I know this is an old game and all but I really want to change the names of 2 teams in my roster but I can't purchase RED MC because PayPal isn't available in my country and I can't use any other ones because my Bank card doesn't allow it. If any of you can help, please do.

I can send you the roster file if any of you can change the names for me.

Thanks for answering :)

BTW I'm trying to change the names of the Bobcats to Hornets and the Hornets to Pelicans.
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Re: Changing Team Names in NBA 2K13

Postby PatTheHead on Mon Nov 19, 2018 6:24 pm

send e-mail to:

BAA1946/47 NBL1946/47 BAA1947/48 NBL1947/48 BAA1948/49 NBL1948/49
NBA1949/50 NBA1950/51 NBA1951/52 NBA1952/53 NBA1953/54 NBA1954/55
NBA1955/56 NBA1956/57 NBA1957/58 NBA1858/59 NBA1959/60 NBA1960/61
NBA1961/62 NBA1962/63 NBA1963/64 NBA1964/65 NBA1965/66 NBA1966/67
NBA1967/68 ABA1967/68 NBA1968/69 ABA1968/69 NBA1969/70 ABA1969/70
NBA1970/71 ABA1970/71 NBA1971/72 ABA1971/72 NBA1972/73 ABA1972/73
NBA1973/74 ABA1973/74 NBA1974/75 ABA1974/75 NBA1975/76 ABA1975/76
NBA1976/77 NBA1977/78 NBA1978/79 NBA1979/80 NBA1980/81 NBA1981/82
NBA1982/83 NBA1983/84 NBA1984/85 DRAFT 47-48 DRAFT 68-75 DRAFT 49-91


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Re: Changing Team Names in NBA 2K13

Postby lipegsouza on Mon Nov 19, 2018 11:48 pm

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