The NBA General Managers Challenge: Are you in?

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The NBA General Managers Challenge: Are you in?

Postby tlowe77 on Mon Feb 23, 2015 10:19 am

Hey everyone,

I'm doing a Simmed League and I'm looking for General Managers. It is a fun interactive league where you try to outwit everyone else.

How it works: You acted as the GM, you control the game tactics, rotations, trades and signing/waiving players. It is all done on our forum and all the info you need to know is there. You don't need the game and you don't play any games, it's all simmed.

What I do is input all your information into the game, you fill in your Team Tracker and I enter in whatever you have put in there. I sim the games and put the box scores up for you to see how your team/s went.

I also post about league rumors, who's hot/cold etc and put up the daily standings and the league leaders in stats.

We are currently looking for 3-4 more GM's who will control 2 teams, one from each conference.

The first sim will be at 5:00pm (Melbourne, Australia) today so let me know if you are keen asap. And check your inbox for the link.

Teams Available:

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