A couple of recent changes/upgrades

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A couple of recent changes/upgrades

Postby Andrew on Sat Apr 19, 2014 4:28 pm

We've made a few upgrades and changes to the Forum, to add new/better functionality. As such, I'd like to give everyone a heads up on a few things they might be seeing around the Forum, just in case there's any confusion.

First, quoted images will be replaced by links, like so:

Here's a picture of Michael Jordan:

[ Image ]

We've done this to keep things tidy when images are quoted, especially when there are a lot of them in the quoted post. Trimming quoted posts is good netiquette but it's also something that newer users aren't always familiar with, so this should remove the annoyance of quotes full of images followed by short replies.

Speaking of links, local links (ie to other topics or content elsewhere on the NLSC; anything on nba-live.com) will open in the same tab/window as usual, but external links will open in a new window/tab. Observe:

NBA JAM 2K14: He's On Fire 13-Team Demo

When we move topics, you'll see a log at the bottom of the first post letting you know which one of us moved it, and where it was located before. We can also enter a reason (similar to when posts or topics are soft deleted), providing a further explanation of why a thread has been moved, if it isn't obvious.

Finally, I've updated to the latest Video BBCode plugin, which supports more services/formats, including webm.

phpBB [video]

The video tags have also been expanded to allow for a custom size to be specified:

Code: Select all

phpBB [video]

Should you have any questions or run into any issues, please let me know!
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