NLSC Podcast - Episode #17

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NLSC Podcast - Episode #17

Postby Andrew on Fri Feb 15, 2013 10:57 am

Better late than never! Here's Episode #17 of the NLSC Podcast.

Episode #17 (February 14th, 2013)

Hosts: Leftos, Andrew, Arcane

In Episode #17 of the NLSC Podcast, we discuss the joys of infected computers, stupid things for stupid rich people to buy, give our All-Star predictions and collectively tear our ACLs. Want a bit more of a rundown? Here’s a quick overview of this week’s episode featuring Leftos, Ben and myself.

  • Leftos takes us through the trials and tribulations of making an international PhD application for US colleges
  • Where will Leftos end up? You're going to have to wait for the ESPN special to find out.
  • Touching on my day job in computer repairs, the discussion turns to viruses and online scams.
  • Ben joins us after getting back from playing basketball and gives us an update on how the game went.
  • We find some of the most ridiculous things you can spend a lot of money on, if you've got piles of it to burn.
  • At long last, we get to our picks for the 2013 All-Star Weekend. We pick as a team and we'll be wrong as a team.
  • We're not huge fans of the Golden State Warriors' new alternate jersey.
  • We wrap up with our thoughts on some other recent NBA news, including more injury woes for the Boston Celtics.

Click here to listen to the show!

Apologies again for the delay in getting an episode out this week. As I mentioned in my previous bulletin, we're working on something very special for an upcoming episode that we couldn't get sorted out for this week, but definitely stay tuned for that as we believe you're really going to enjoy it and we're certainly looking forward to bringing it to you. As always, please feel free to post your thoughts on the topics we discussed and the show in general.
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