Welcome to the NLSC Hub!

Talk about the NLSC Podcast, Wiki and other site related issues and content here. Site and community announcements are also posted in this section.

Welcome to the NLSC Hub!

Postby Andrew on Wed Sep 12, 2012 9:53 pm

Welcome to the NLSC Hub! This section is similar to our old NLSC & Community Noticeboard section, in that site and community announcements will be posted here and you may also post about site related issues such as technical problems, questions about site features and so on. However, this section is also a place to talk about the NLSC Podcast, the NLSC Wiki and other site content.

Here's a quick rundown of what this section is for:

What belongs here

  • Discussion of NLSC Podcast episodes
  • Site announcements by NLSC Staff
  • Community announcements eg league vacancies, new websites related to basketball video gaming, other community iniatives
  • Discussion, questions and suggestions regarding the NLSC Wiki
  • General questions/suggestions relating to site features
  • Queries about any technical problems you're experiencing
  • Rule/policy clarifications ("Where does this belong?", "Is this allowed?", What does Rule X mean exactly?", etc)

If it doesn't fall under any of those categories, it doesn't belong in this section. If it's about a basketball video game, post it in the appropriate section for that game. If it's about the real NBA, another video game or something else off-topic, post it in the appropriate Off Topic section. All the usual Forum Rules naturally apply, so no flaming site staff, no public fuss and no campaigning on behalf of banned members; this section isn't here for any of that. If you have a problem, please keep it civil and we'll take care of it as best we can.
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