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Re: Welcome NLSC Contributors!

Postby eda on Thu Sep 24, 2020 2:57 am

Andrew wrote:Ultimately, modding should be about enjoyment of the hobby and a creative outlet, not achieving some sort of status in the community.

Absolutely. That's what I meant by saying that the HOF should be sort of an extra thing which should be decided by the Admin(s) after the modder decides to retire. Not while he's active. Simple as that. There shouldn't be any conditions on how to get to HOF. The management decides that. And I believe there are people worthy to be on the list. Take nba players as an example. I don't think their goal is to get to HOF. The want to give their best for the game. And after their carrer is over the decision is made whether their contribution/performance was worth it.
Being active gets you the contributor badge which is I think quite an achievement that motivates people.

Andrew wrote: We'd like to recognise people who have made a lot of contributions, but there should always be a few conditions, standards, and responsibilities attached to that

I believe these are pretty obvious conditions for a contributor, not a HOF. HOF should not a become a goal.
Contributor status yes, sure. But not HOF.
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Re: Welcome NLSC Contributors!

Postby Andrew on Thu Sep 24, 2020 7:37 am

In my experience, having a Hall of Fame just leads to arguments and elitism. It's not something we'll be doing.
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