Incorrect Audio ID in Draft Class

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Incorrect Audio ID in Draft Class

Postby PatTheHead on Tue Apr 25, 2017 10:51 pm

Hi guys,
I used a 1993 Draft Class in Asso. mode.
Unfortunatly ingame I realized the comentator uses incorrect names for the players of that 1993 Draft Class, e.g. Chris Webber is named "Jeff Green", Ervin Johnson is named "Lavoy Allen" and so on. I checked Asso. mode and it says all players of the 1993 Draft Class have (incorrect) Audio IDs.

Yet I tried to edit the mentioned 1993 Draft Class file with Turbo Trainer to correct all Audio IDs...
but it's not possible as there's no way to add/delete Audio IDs with Turbo Trainer.

lmk guys, is there an other tool to edit Draft Class files?
thx, Pat

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