customize league with less than 30 teams?

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customize league with less than 30 teams?

Postby buzzdi77 on Sun Aug 10, 2014 7:31 pm

hey guys & girls,

first of all: i´m a big fan of HAWKs work on the UBR. this mod was surely the reason to buy nba 2k12. why? because i´m working on recreating nba-history. i started, when there were historical season-mods for nba live 2005. played this game for a long time though ;). then i read about the UBR and finally decided to change to a new nba game.
here´s the problem: when i played the 1952 season (dynasty-mode nba live 2005) i was able to cut the league down to 12 teams (actually there were just 10 teams in the league, but nba live needed the same number of teams in every devision, so i added 2 dummie-teams, to fill it up). right now, i´m playing on the 1980 season with 8 (!) dummies. as i´m looking forward to play the 60s (maybe in nba 2k14, if HAWK doesn´t continue his work on nba 2k12), it gets me very much concerned to think about a season, where i have 8 real teams along with 22 dummies. i like to play every game (4min qu.) except of the dummie-games and this would change the stats in a way it would be timewaste to even play the 24 real-team games.
is there any way in 2k12 or 2k14 to play association-mode with less than 30 teams??? or maybe season-mode (in this one i don´t like the fact, that you cannot trade anybody)

thanks for your help :bowdown2:
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