Athletic SG Myplayer Tips ?

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Athletic SG Myplayer Tips ?

Postby MakaveliThaDon on Thu May 16, 2013 2:00 pm

So I just finished my regular 82 game Rookie year with my athletic SG, entering the playoffs as the 5th seed with the Chi-town Bulls :D Up to this point, myplayer is rated 77 OVR, with a serious mid range game & drive, layup/dunk success. I was awrded the Rookie of the Year award with NBA All First team, NBA Defensive 2nd team & Scoring leader. Which gave me like around 20k SPs to mess around with before startin the playoffs.

With those SP I immeditley upgraded my Pull-up jumper & Spin jumper ability to average. My attributes are pretty decent right now which is why I chose to uopgrade my abilities. So basically my question, looking for some advice in regards too; Throughout this whole playoffs run should I accumulate my SP's saving them to keep upgrading certain abilities or go back to steadily fillin up my attributes ?

I was thinking to focus on my abilities as of right now so when I enter my sophomore season I'll have some legit go-to scoring moves, rackoing up even more Skill points. I want my jumpers & abilities to flow smoothly & look pretty since right now with everything low (Poor) they look Mehh & barley hit anything with them. Soo what do u all think ? Thanks
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Re: Athletic SG Myplayer Tips ?

Postby Andrew on Thu May 16, 2013 8:54 pm

I'm playing MyCAREER in NBA 2K13, but I think this advice is still applicable.

I've gone back and forth between those two approaches, though given the SP cost for upgrades once your ratings are getting up there, I'm more inclined to save up points and then buy in bulk to make significant upgrades. I feel that offers a bit more flexibility when it comes time to spend your points on upgrades. That said, if you feel you've got a couple of ratings that need to catch up, you may want to spend your points on them in the interim so they don't get overlooked. Otherwise, save up and spend big!
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