Help from a basketball noob

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Help from a basketball noob

Postby Equinox on Tue Feb 26, 2013 7:49 am

Hey there,

I just picked NBA2K12 up again a few days ago, I like sports games but I have no clue about basketball, and especially not about the NBA and which player is good or bad. Got the game some time ago from a friend for my birthday but I never played it much until now.

So, I wanted to play an association mode game, and I want to build up a weak team and form it with time. I'm playing on one level below the highest (Professional I believe) with everything else on standard settings. Also, I only have a keyboard to use which I felt was quite a pain in the ass at the start, but by now I'm getting along quite ok with it.

I started with the New Jersey Nets and quickly figured out that Delron Williams is quite good and kind of the key player. Also I like Vujacic as he seems to hit almost every 3-point shot. I made some trades just by judging players on the stats which I thought were important and based on age.

Here is my roster now:

PG: Deron Williams / Jeremy Lin
SG: James Harden / Sasha Vujacic / Gary Neal / Marvin Owens / Brandon Rush
SF: Richard Jefferson / Josh Childress / Damion James
PF: Kris Humphries / Josh McRoberts / Nick Collison
C: Brook Lopez / Clay Davidson

First games went pretty bad and I was down to 1-9, but by now I got the hang of how to use my key players and am up to 16-18, being 3rd in the division and 8th in the conference. Some opponents really smash me with 30 points or more distance, against the weaker ranked teams and equally ranked teams I manage to pick wins with a couple of points ahead most of the time.

Now I'm getting along quite well with Williams, Harden and Vujavic but I'm wondering about Brook Lopez. He is quite young, and has a 5 star trade rating, but I can't seem to get anything good from him. He seems dead slow and can't throw long shots. I didn't realize any special skills in blocking / stealing either. So, what is up with this guy ? Am I missing anything, playing him in the wrong way or something ? I'd be thankful for any hints. If I should trade him, who should I try to get for him ?

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Re: Help from a basketball noob

Postby Andrew on Tue Feb 26, 2013 9:30 am

Brook Lopez isn't that effective beyond midrange, but he's pretty good around the basket. That's where you should be looking to score with him. He's not a great rebounder for a big man, though he's fairly good at blocking shots.
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