FXAA post processing & advanced shaders!!!! BEAUTIFUL

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FXAA post processing & advanced shaders!!!! BEAUTIFUL

Postby kindgreens on Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:55 pm

Hey guys just wanted to share an awesome graphic modification for NBA 2k11. If it wasn't for all the awesome modification content on this site and some others getting me interested in modifications, I would not have found this, so I wanted to give something back. I did not write a line of code for this, all credit goes to those who created it, creators are listed in read me and also a link to their site, which contains source code if your interested. This is an amazing FXAA algorithm that makes a huge difference costing much fps. Although you will need at least a mid range computer to really make use of this. Just to give you a reference I run an AMD Phenom x4 955 @3.6GHz, GTX 550ti @ ~1GHz and 8GB of ram @ 1066MHz and I run smooth at 50-75 fps with hi res courts, jerseys, stadiums and crowds.

All variables are adjustable through an easy to use interface accessible by opening the FXAA_tool included in download, and I mean all variables, everything you'd want to adjust! The default settings you get look really good as is but, you can adjust them just to your liking and computer performance with the FXAA_tool. The pause key on keyboard (next to print screen and scroll lock) toggles the mod on/off so you can easily compare the difference in game. As with most mods just copy all files and folder into your common\nba2k11 folder. If the FXAA_tool doesn't work, you probably need to update to .net framework 4, download can be found on Microsoft's website. I can't guarantee this will work with ATI cards until some people try. The code was written for Nvidia drivers, although it may work. Make sure drivers are up to date for best chance of working. I've never had any bugs or crashes using the latest Nvidia drivers.

Oh and if you play skyrim this works on that too. Just copy all files into your skyrim folder. Let me know if you guys have any questions, I'll check on this thread every couple days for at least the next few weeks. Hope you enjoy and, thanks for all of your mods, it has made this a great game with beautiful graphics even for 2012.


Let me know if there's a better site to host it on.
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Re: FXAA post processing & advanced shaders!!!! BEAUTIFUL

Postby Andrew on Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:07 am

We have hosting facilities right here on the NLSC. Just go to the NBA 2K11 section of our Downloads database and use the "Upload or add a file" link. This one would be best placed in the Miscellaneous section.

Thanks for sharing!
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