New project on 2K11 & Seeking for help. Association crashes around All Star week

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New project on 2K11 & Seeking for help. Association crashes around All Star week

Postby robinchow on Wed Sep 16, 2020 12:23 pm

Hi everyone!

First of all, I want to thanks those who stick around 2K11 and make great mods for this game. I am a 2K fan for years (from 2K9 to now) and recently I turn back to 2K11 because I am kind of a retro person and 2K21 really disappointed me... So I start a project in 2K11, which hopefully allows us to play 10+ seasons with reality NBA roasters and draft classes, from the year of 2010 to 2020. I think 2K11 is a nice fit for this project, as it has a relatively long time window, a great G-league and player development system, and what's most important, a lot of great mods/patches made by the contributors over the years.

I have made several draft classes and collected almost all the cyberfaces needed for the project. Each draft class will have 70+ real players new for each season (drafted and undrafted rookies, and the new players signed overseas, etc) and their ratings will be adjusted to the classic 2K11 level. However, I am kind of stuck because I met a crash problem when I was testing the roasters.

The association will crash to desktop when I simulate to the days around All Star weekend. My roaster and draft class can display properly and I can play quick games with every team. However, no matter I use original 2K11 game files or the new one with mods, it crashes. No matter I use my own draft class or auto-generated DC, it crashes. Then I guess it must be a problem with my roaster, but I have no exact clue. Any idea where the issue could come from and any solution to fix?

I really appreciate you can read through it and give any suggesionts!! Again, thanks everyone who still play 2K11 and love those old days of NBA!!
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