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Postby Cpt(K) on Sun Nov 22, 2015 3:52 am

Seeing as how the game is well dated, and interest has greatly shifted towards the newer titles -- I'm curious if anyone has a compilation of mods for NBA 2k11. Most of the download links are long gone, but I did find some on Moddingway that were available, however, I'm most interested in the global.iff modifications.

I haven't found many, and the ones I have seemed incomplete. I'm very interested in some of the files a "Ricoy" had around. Primarily the newer textures that accessories used (a whole global.iff is fine too). Unfortunately there's nothing of his I've been able to find lately.

I have tried to collect and archive what releases I could rummage up here since not many of them were hosted on the NLSC. Essentially the purpose of this thread would be to provide working links with relevant content. I have a couple of files I'd share, but it will take time for them to finish uploading -- more so for the opportunity to continue uploading as I've just experienced a power outage earlier, and it may happen again.


I don't remember exactly where I found these, but I think these were deep within this forum. I haven't uploaded them here, because I'm not sure if that's alright.

An unknown Global (modified accessories):!r1VlCKKR Looking through the compilation of mods this had no documentation.
A global called "Global20" (subtle change to shadows, and buggy accesories:!y9VhwKZS This also had no documentation accompanying it.
Another global that I tagged as "unfinished." I'm not sure who's responsible for this:!Hl0y0SxY No documentation accompanied this as it was thrown into my backup folders.

This will continue to be modified with brief descriptions of the files, but so long as its within the forum rules.

PS: I still have multiple files on hand, but will not be uploading anymore because of waning interest. PM me if there's something you're looking for, I might have it.
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