Game Play Enhancement Suggestions for NBA Live 15:

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Game Play Enhancement Suggestions for NBA Live 15:

Postby ThaLiveKing on Thu Feb 27, 2014 11:09 am

Here's my list for game play changes or enhancements for Live 15

Control responsiveness

    Every time you press a button, an action has to happen on the court. A lot of ghost fouls in Live 14
    Passing improvements, increase the zip of the pass
    Dribbling needs to be more responsive as well, switching from a crossover to blowing by your man with Kyrie shouldn’t have animation hiccups

Speed of the game

    Problem with NBA Live 14, the speed of the game is a lot slower than an actual NBA game. The game moves too slow, and the fast breaks aren’t true fast breaks. NBA Players have speed, and great body control, have to mimic this.
    NBA Players can switch speeds in seconds, have to try to mimic that
    Transition game in general whether offense or defense look like a “flock of birds”
    Tweak the foot planting tech. Pressing the defensive stance button has a good taste of what the foot planting is capable of, maybe try to implement it in all areas when the player moves. Sometimes the players feet go through the ground.
    Must have – Quicker in-bounding animations.
    Better momentum

Player movement detail

    Off ball movement have to have more animations. Players have to flare their arms up to get through screens, squeeze through animations, players tripping over feet etc. have to be present. Right now players just try to go to point A to point B without any purpose. Half court game is good, just needs a lot more present in order to look like real basketball.
    Having great off ball movement animations increase the realism of the game
    Continue to smooth out ALL player animations
    Better player celebrations after baskets. Maybe include custom celebrations similar to the NHL series
    Each player has to have a custom game
    The reason why 2K is good at what it is, each should player have moves that has been motion capped. Each player needs to be different, Live 14 had 50 players with signature skill, got to up that number by A LOT. Players that have signature skills are much easier to use, and their timing is a lot easier also.

Paint Game

    Paint defense is horrible
    Reduce strides in the paint
    Allow players to turn around faster to protect paint
    Hard fouls, hard collision animations (rag doll tech from NHL series)
    Better collision animations in general.
    It feels like there’s a force field at time when trying to grab rebounds simultaneously
    Allow players to spin defenders to try to steal a rebound, you seem stuck while being boxed out
    Weight should matter, Point Guards shouldn’t be able to bulldoze over centers
    Having players trip over feet in the paint, adds realism, loose ball fouls
    Take out that one unrealistic one handed rebound*
    Mid-Range game improvements, too many blocks in that area
    Improve rebounding logic
    Sometimes players stand around and look at rebounds


    Cameras should have customized options. We should be able to zoom in and out as we prefer.
    The ESPN camera bounces up and down, no real NBA camera does that.
    The current cameras follow the ball too much
    Have more options overall, if not, allow us to customize our own camera view
    Crowd chant timing, try to make the crowd more active especially at the end of games. Sometimes i’d hit a game winner at home and nobody cheers

Gameplay Sliders + Game Options

    CPU tendencies, inside/outside game, will create balance, CPU probably won’t have 70 points in the paint if we are able to tweak
    Rebounding sliders
    Game Speed Sliders
    Able to turn hot and cold streaks off from Synergy, and just use player tendencies
    Able to save our own rosters, bring back locker room features so we can share files
    Have a Personal Custom Zone
    Abilities to save our own rosters and overall game customizations
    Create a player mode, custom teams

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Re: Game Play Enhancement Suggestions for NBA Live 15:

Postby Mr LostSoul on Wed Mar 05, 2014 7:24 pm

Control responsiveness
Passing improvements, Holding turbo should make bullet passes. (don't have game can't say much on controls)

Speed of the game
What TLK said about speed/body control. Further with body control, though, It'd also help to add in some sort of mid-air-game. Add some sort of hangtime to players, add ability to change shots mid-air. Live players look so grounded. They shoot up like rockets and land with 50lb ankle weights on each limb.
Increase the color commentary speed? Reduce the length of speeches(or have them be cut short by plays), increase the number of phrases.

Player movement
First steps. First steps. First steps. That alone could(in my theory) iron a lot of offensive awkwardness. Every complete stop--into a turbo drive should initiate an explosive/launching first step. I see something like this in Live14, but it doesn't look very ferocious, and it doesn't trigger that often, which leads to many awkward slow paced drives/dribbling with the wrong hand to get by somebody.
Stuff like this: Done it at (0:14, 0:39, 1:21, 1:23, 3:55) could be used in Live15.
The launch steps from Live 04-06 that trigger when choosing a driving direction after a triple threat/sizeup move, could be used in Live15. There's little to no explosiveness in 14. But I don't just mean use this for onball, use it for offball too.

Paint Game
Paint defense is horrible(Aint never lied)
Just some out-there ideas I got: When rebounding have a button interaction, like say two players are going up for the board, both jump same time. The player being boxed out is likely to miss out, but what if there's a timing, to press the rebound button(again) at the opportune time that the ball is closest to being grabbed, then that player could swipe at the ball. Bad idea? Say if the player better positioned presses the rebound button at the same time(majority rules) he snabs the board.(like yanks it, smacks it, look like a beast.) Just saying, could make rebounding more interactive, make it funner getting boards.
This, of course relies on making boxing out a legit thing.

I said it all about contact in the paint before. Needs to be addressed before a game can ever be simulation. It'll never be authentic like it is. Never. The route being took, I thought it'd be cool having a game "UNCANNED", but the sacrifice of smooth animations, rightful, authentic animations and contact, it's such a huge blow. Maybe the line between Canned-Uncanned needs to be crossed. The past 3-4 years of this attempt has yet to have a moment where it all looks natural, and it's affecting the gameplay in negative ways.

Zoom them the *********************************************************************** in.

The crowds look nice, look lovely, they do. Too the point I question why they're done the way they are, and barely shown in the game. The crowd audio is even lacking from live 10, as well as their interactions. Well, maybe, wouldn't know, them never being shown and all. There being no camera showings of them after highlights or whatnot. Them never bringing the game to life in the ways they did in live 10.
The bench is lacking from live 10.
The celebrations, there may, or may not be more, but in Live 10 they just seemed more meaningful. More energetic.
The whatchumacall it guy--guy that announces the players names, 2 minute warnings, possession changes, fouls, Ea, you guys should put one of them in the game next year! I mean, I knew something felt incomplete. Wait, wait, there is one in the game, it's just so low nobody can hear it. And it so happens to be either the same damn guy from nba live 97, or it's done in the same dull style. Can the home court team PLEASE have the announcer drag out their names and be loud?
a guy speaking through a muffle, drowned out by table tennis commentators, in a crowd you'd hear at a blues poetry club.
Live14: (Lebron does a standstill power dunk on 3 seven footers) "And LeBron--with a bucket"......"Lebronn James..for two"
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