Help with REDitor?

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Help with REDitor?

Postby ATL on Sun Mar 18, 2018 12:05 am

So I'm completely new to modding, but after hitting my head into the CAP of 200 again and again this seems to be exactly what I need. So I downloaded free version of 4.8 REDitor, but Avast seems to think it contains a virus and even after downloading it doesn't let me run it even as administrator. Is this something common and how should I proceed?

Additionally is there a way other than using REDitor to get around the CAP limit? Also is another game better for this. Since I'm playing on PC I prefer 2k10, but I'd be willing to give other 2k or live version a try if that would allow me to avoid being limited of 200 created players (and possibly to also being limited on 10 or so created teams).
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Re: Help with REDitor?

Postby Bassman58 on Sun Mar 18, 2018 3:38 am

Saw your post in the 2K14 section. I don't remember 2k10 very well but in 2K14 on the players tab the SlotType may be what restricts the number of created players. Change it to 0 (zero). This will keep the game from using the nicknames. Useful if you don't want nicknames. Keep the value at 1 (one) if you want to keep the nickname.

I used to use Avast and had no problem creating exceptions. Pause Avast or exit it. If you can run Reditor then there is no problem with Reditor. You need to learn how to create the exception. Avast's forums are better than here for that information. Otherwise you can look at all Reditor and RedMC sections for the solution. I know I have answered that question myself. A Google search on "avast exception" will give you 33000 answers. This is a common problem with all antivirus programs.

NBA 2K14 still has the good support from this site and has many excellent mods. If you are into modding there is an editor made by the author of Reditor, now call RedMC and there are many tutorials here and on youtube. NBA 2k13 still has the URB mod being updated. I don't know about 2K15 to 2K18 since I can't run 64 bit. Each game has improved mod capabilities but AFAIK 2K14 is the easiest to mod.
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