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Postby Rliv187 on Sun Dec 22, 2013 12:49 pm

Hey anyone whose still playing this game.
Im in my 3rd association season with the Celtics and have a record of 52-8. My starting 5 are Rondo PG, R. Allen SG, J. Green SF, Garnett PF and R. Hibbert C. I had to get rid of Pierce. I cant seem to keep my bench players happy unless they're in the 60s for player rating which I don't mind but I like to have one bench player be better as a rotation strong point like the bench leader almost. I have W. Chandler as my bench SF and he's a 76 but he wants more minutes. I have him as Sixth man and alotted 25 mins rotation wise for him but he still wants more mins. I play 12 minute quarters. What should I do give up on having a bench player that good? All other players are +1 or +2 except him. Can't make this guy happy
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