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NBA 2K10 Wishlist

Postby Heat19 on Fri May 01, 2009 3:03 am

I would like 2 say 1st of all Hi everyone, and hope u list yr wishes 4 the next game but please try 2 be reasonable so 2K can make it.
Then i would like to thank 2K for their game its been a big hit, i think its even better than NBA LIVE 09
1st coz they forgot us PC Users and then coz 2k9 is much better in Graphics, and gameplay.
Then this thread is about our wish lists for the next game, so u read it 2k and make our wishes true.
The Wish list ( is taken from other forums and of course my opinion as well ).

1. I would 2 show u this link and u can say weather u want this or not in the next game
viewtopic.php?f=94&t=63012 , This link shows us what kind of textures they should put for next year. see em and tell me do u like them.
so the 1st wish is if they can adjust the Textures to be as real as these once in the pictures.

2. I would love for them to improve the Rating issue in the Association mode, the moral thing. I mean when ever one player is demoralized the whole team drops, i think this is a big glitch. I mean i play a 7 min and i give them good minutes but still they complain and more want more , thats one of things dat i hate about this game.

3. The All-Star Weekend, why 2K doesn't do it like NBA Live, the weekend needs 2 include Slam Dunk contest, 3Pts contest and rookie Challenge and maybe the Skill Challenge

3. The Commentary is boring once u play 4 a month or more u might have heard it all. Look 2K i think it shouldn't have a general Commentary but be more specific. What i mean is they should talk more about how the season is goin and what team has a win streak or what team is struggling or what player has the hot hand, or even talk about the Individual awards or how is seriously injured or who is the league's top scores and Defenders u know like in real life.

4.Trading, I mean its so Dump to give a way LBJ to the Timber Wolves. dats what happened in my Association, thats a dump trade. ( CPU did it ).
I think that the CPU teams should Know what they need and who is the superstar in the team and hold him down as much as they can and use him as they should be used.

5.Gameplay needs 2 improve, defense and Offense should be more smoother and flow better. and the CPU teams should run plays more than what they do in the game.

6. the Animation needs 2 be fixed at a point in the game some times the player look like they are ice skating instead or running.In addition to that when the players look sometimes is wired and there are more animation problems i bet 2k know about them.

7. In-Game Errors i mean down at the stretch. they had the ball and went 4 a shot i blocked it and it was called Goaltending . i was so angry about this. another thing sometimes the CPU goes outbounds or goes beyond the Half court line after they passed it.

8. have sign shots and sign Dunks 4 some players like LBJ or D.wade .

9. make every player's body, some player their bodies are not theirs in the game. like D.Wade is thinner than what he is in the game and more players not only D.Wade.

10. The NBA Draft should have more depth into it, and u should have online updates 2 the game about the upcoming rookies at least for the 1st year in the Association Mode, and the commentators should comment about them.

11. The before game action, i mean 2K must put back the kits before the game the warm up uniform.

12. Put more Shoes, and sign Shoes for some players. Like D.wade wears Converse and Lebron James wears Nike.

13. Put the ability to chance players hair coz they do cut their hair.

14.ratings should improve slower than they do in the game i mean Beasley is 99 in his 3rd year. thats a bit hard 2 happen i mean D.Wade was 94 in the NBA Live 2006 after 4 seasons.

15. International Teams should be put in the game not all at least the top.

16. Try to get some Better Scorebored like TNT or ESPN.

17.the crowds they are very live but the need 2 work in different intensity, what i mean is like when the game starts in the game they act like when the game on the stretch and in real they aint like that, or in the playoffs they should be more live.
btw i posted this in the 2k forums but i got no reply and i m not pretty sure if 2kpeople even read these posts.
thats what i could think of for now, plz add more if u wish more or know a bug in the game that needs 2 be fixed, thank you.
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Re: NBA 2K10 Wishlist

Postby JaoSming on Fri May 01, 2009 3:13 am

it's a good list, but we already have a wishlist thread going
please try to search for official topics before you start one

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