Improving Team to Contenders in 1 Off-Season

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Improving Team to Contenders in 1 Off-Season

Postby Phil89 on Tue Feb 16, 2010 3:39 pm

I was just mucking around in Dynasty mode with the Thunder. I found a way to change them from talented youngsters into serious championship contenders.

- Start a new Dynasty mode with OKC.

- Trade with Houston: Jeff Green + Nick Collison + Nenad Krstic <-> Tracy McGrady (and a 2nd round pick if you want it)

- Sign some guys on <$1m contracts for 6 years. So you have enough players to be able to release some next season.

- Sim the season. (Or play it if you like)

- Release McGrady, Thomas, Sefolosha, Ollie, Livingston during the next off-season.

You now have $35m cap room to sign whoever is available from the wealth of free agents.

With that much cap space you should easily be able to sign any 2 of:
LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Yao Ming, Dirk Nowitzki, Tim Duncan, Paul Pierce, Amare Stoudemire, Chris Bosh, Brandon Roy, Joe Johnson, Tracy McGrady.

Of course the odds that both LeBron and Wade don't re-sign with their teams are pretty slim. I've only ever seen Wade not re-sign once.

And obviously they all won't be available to sign and the cpu teams won't wait for you to sign a couple of players before having a go themselves.

I've had a few goes at this and gotten Bosh and Stoudemire, Bosh and Roy, Wade and Bosh.

And don't forget that you still have Durant + Westbrook on the roster.

Also, I'm aware that this isn't exactly in the spirit of the game. And I don't play all my Dynasties like this either.

This was just a 'lets see if it'll work' type of thing.
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Re: Improving Team to Contenders in 1 Off-Season

Postby theoriginalmonkee on Tue Mar 16, 2010 9:32 pm

Really good team to use post febuary trades is Charlotte Bobcats; don't concern yourselves with the draft or the free agency as tempting as it is. Instead, you already have a team capable of making the playoffs and players that i think are expendable and attractive to other teams, FELTON DIAW etc. Also they have great young talent in WALLACE, AUGUSTIN and THOMAS. What i did to make them a contender was trade with the knicks; FELTON DIAW and HENDERSON for LEE and DUHON. Then in a separate trade with the knicks, AJINCA and a couple of picks for HOUSE. My line up was then CHANDLER LEE WALLACE JACKSON DUHON with a bench including - TY THOMAS, HOUSE, AUGUSTIN, MOHAMMED, DIOP, certainly enough pieces to have a go at the big teams in the first round. As it went i was knocked out in the eastern semis by the magic but i did beat the celtics round one! Over the first off-season i traded DUHON for HINRICH (but perhaps could have made a move for ROSE but i didn't want to sacrifice my bench to much cause i really liked playing with the guys i had) but i managed to pick up REDD in the free agency (he's older now but he is clutch and can shoot the lights out and with JACKSON WALLACE LEE THOMAS etc. i didn't really need him to drive to the basket) also i grabbed BEAUBIOS from the mavs for draft picks. My roster going into the second season was as such: (the left shows ratings at start of season, the right shows them come the end of the playoffs)

CHANDLER - 80/81
LEE - 80/84
WALLACE - 87/89
REDD - 79/81 (as he was supposed to be in decline i had to train him hard on defence, shooting and athletics to maintain his stats but actually improved him a little but he will decline after this)
HINRICH - 81/83

JACKSON - 84/84
THOMAS - 81/84
AUGUSTIN - 78/80
HOUSE - 76/75
MOHAMMED - 76/77
DIOP - 68/68
BEUBOUIS - 72/75

i play on superstar and with this team was able to make the finals but lost to the nuggets (somehow the CPU got monta ellis out of golden state and signed marcus camby back out of the free agency i was most certainly like wtf? when i saw CAMBY/MARTIN/ANTHONY/ELLIS/BILLUPS, SMITH/ANDERSON/KLEIZA/CARTER/AFFLALO/LAWSON and PETRO - think nene went to gsw but still that team is strong) im thinking of trying to recreate that myself cause Denver were just unstoppable, it was like i had a bath with five holes and i only had four plugs. By third season though i was the comfortably competing for second best in the league.
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