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A Graphic Enhancement for NBA 2K16.

Goldenstatev2 included in this new upload (along with 5 other preset options). To try goldenstatev2, follow install instructions.

Icludes my NBA 2K15 settings! (Note: this is for those who want to try them, my "goldenstate77" preset is the only setting designed specifically for NBA 2K16)

(works with Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1, and Win 10)

Feedback/Suggestion Thread: viewtopic.php?f=221&t=100094

Please check back for updates, as I'm still testing and tweaking the mod. Like NBA 2K15, I'll probably release a few different versions, to provide options.

Here are my initial Reshade settings for NBA 2K16. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Reshade, you can read up on it here: Props to crosire, Lucifer Hawk,, Marty McFly, Ioxa and Jpulowski, whose colloboration made Reshade possible. All credit goes to them. Creating settings for specific games is relatively simple, once you get the hang of it.

Specifically, the mod:

- Rremoves yellowish tint
- Adjusts lighting to create a more realistic halogen/stadium feel and accentuate reflections
- Slightly sharpen the picture
- Slightly brighten the picture

For those familiar with ENB, this mod provides an "ENB-like" effect by adjusting the tuningpallete (creates a clearer, more realistic look).

Please follow the instructions carefully, as Reshade works a bit different than Sweetfx in the past.

1) Download "Reshade Framework 1.0.0" from

2) Extract Reshade files to a location of your choice (I recommend creating a reshade folder wherever you save important game files).

3) Download my settings, using the download button at the bottom of this post, and extract the "goldenstate77" folder to your desktop or any temporary location.

4) Within my settings folder "goldenstate77" copy and paste the "ReShade" folder to the ReShade Files you saved from steps 1 and 2

5) Run "mediator.exe" (i.e. double click it)

6) Click "Add" on the left, and locate "NBA2K16.exe" (typically c:\program files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\NBA 2K16)

7) Be sure Direct3D 10/11 is checked (defaults to Direct 3D 9)

8) Click "Confirm"

9) Within the blank drop down box (on right), select "goldenstate77" preset (or one of my 2K15 presets--"additional color", "broadcast", or "lighting overhaul"

10) Click "Apply" on upper right.

11) Close Mediator, fire up the game.

Note 1: You should see rehade start up as you start the game.

Note 2: You can switch between my 2K16 preset, "goldenstate77", and any of my 2K15 presets "additional color", "broadcast", and "lighting overhaul" by opening mediator, selecting the preset, and clicking "apply".


- You can toggle effect with "scroll lock" key, and take screenshots with the "print screen" key. Screenshots are saved in your NBA 2K16 folder.
- The mod will brighten the game a bit. If it's too bright, try turning down your monitor's brightness. Everyone runs different settings...


Imagenba2k16 2015-10-25 20-30-47 by Golden State, on Flickr

Imagenba2k16 2015-10-25 20-30-50 by Golden State, on Flickr

Imagenba2k16 2015-10-25 20-42-43 by Golden State, on Flickr

Imagenba2k16 2015-10-25 20-42-39 by Golden State, on Flickr

Imagenba2k16 2015-10-25 20-41-11 by Golden State, on Flickr

Imagenba2k16 2015-10-25 20-41-09 by Golden State, on Flickr

Imagenba2k16 2015-10-27 04-11-39 by Golden State, on Flickr

Imagenba2k16 2015-10-27 04-11-35 by Golden State, on Flickr

Imagenba2k16 2015-10-25 20-32-39 by Golden State, on Flickr

Imagenba2k16 2015-10-25 20-32-37 by Golden State, on Flickr

This download was added Wed Oct 28, 2015 1:05 pm by goldenstate77 and last edited Mon Feb 01, 2016 1:58 am by goldenstate77 • Last download Fri Jun 05, 2020 1:27 am

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