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UBRv25 Update: With Dwight Howard to Lakers Trade
Also, I threw in extra courts for Blacktop Mode, but I'm sure none of you will notice that.

v3.5 z_dize: Added a few updated contracts & transactions, Lopez and Warrick to NOH, Wesley Johnson to PHX, Kirilenko to TWolves, Haddadi back to Grizzlies, changed Ayon's number so that it doesn't clash, Magic alternate jersey no longer uses orange as a color

v3.4 Leftos: fixed Association crash of v3.3

v3.3 Leftos: removed Nene duplicate from FA, fixed no FA jersey on Edit Player.

v3.2.1 Leftos, v3 with unique ASA_IDs, no simulation crashes

v3.2 Leftos, again, insanity (Y)

v3 Updated - By Leftos, AK47 to FA Pool, Fixed Duplicate Players, Lin to #7

v3 Update - Updated to v24, moved Steimsma from Celtics to T'Wolves, removed Summer League Roster, download v2 to get that (hint, the drop down menu above "DOWNLOAD")

v2 Update - Fixed Duplicated Players, Removed Arena Specific Summer League Rosters, Added
"Bench" Summer League Roster, moved Jamison from Cavs to Lakers, Hopefully Fixed Stats Issue

Roster data used with permission from HAWK23's Ultimate Base Roster Mod: This roster requires art included in his download.

HAWK23's Ultimate Base Roster does amazing things with NBA 2K12 by adding over 250 teams to the regular NBA, however, a lot of sacrifices had to be made inside the roster file to allow for all those teams to exist together. Unfortunately, some of the sacrifices that had to be made breaks certain features and game modes that are not support buy his mod. Even though those sacrifices are worth it, it pained me to sit on this updated, current, NBA roster and not be able to play certain season lengths in Association mode with it. With HAWK23's permission, this roster is based off the latest official roster, but has all the players, team, and uniform updates for the modern NBA teams from the UBR mod.

I've also created three alternate rosters to sorta replicate the NBA's Summer League. The "Magic" roster takes place in the practice gym with the Magic's floor, the "Vegas" roster takes place in the unused summer circuit gym made by 2K, and the regular "Summer League" roster has all the Eastern Conference teams in the Magic gym and all the Western Conference teams in the Vegas gym.

Do NOT ask for help with these rosters in HAWK23's official thread.

  • UBRv25: No Retro Teams
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