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Three Fictional Draft Classes for your Association. Check out some of the early Scouting reports...

-- Paul Brand Draft Class --

The Cream of the Crop:
Paul Brand - the next KG/TD.. fundamentally sound.. blessed w/ the athleticism that makes him tough to defend..
Gizel Richards - Deron.. you're young.. but here comes an heir apparent.. good size, good shooting, great handles..
Sky Robinson - A point forward that has the athleticism, intelligence and ability to become any franchise's cornerstone for the future..

Watch Out:
Logan Gill - need scoring, this senior is polished but there's not a lot of potential there.
Andre Banks - John Starks 2.0, this guy can light it up. A veteran of college hoops, what you see might already be what you'd expect for his pro career.
Rob Parker - with his athleticism coupled with insane potential, you could have the next big SG or you could hit rock bottom and go broke w/ this pick. you're call GM!
Delru Navarro - hey, it's the fictional brother of La Bamba - will he have the same talent but bigger impact in the league? Send him down to D-League and act as if he's not yet coming over this year.. let him grow.
Fernando Reyes - another Espanyol, young, long and lengthy - will he be the next Gasol?? If not, he's a pretty good rebounder already.
Rob Nevsky - claiming to have undergone the same training as Dirk, will this German live to the hype. He's young and screams potential!
Bebe Lucas - a 19 year freak of an athlete at 7 foot. A project that could help on the board and defense.
Jin Iwahashi - another 19 year old freak of a big athlete - rebounds? That's everything he knows and when he's on court, it's his. No one knows about him so having an early 2nd rounder for him will be wise.

The Legacy
Sebastian Ainge - son of the great Danny Ainge, he's more a role player on any team like dad though.
Cedric Parish - the Chief's grandson, he's battled injuries but can be depended on as a reliable backup big.

-- Francez Pierre-Louis Draft Class --

The Cream of the Crop:
Francez Pierre-Louis - France's best kept secret, after dominating the under - 19 tournaments, this big boy is ready to take on the big league. He's combination of lenght, size and athleticism makes him almost a no brainer at no. 1.
Shawn Wallace - a veteran reliable scorer. He's intensity and hustle is what separates him from the young pack. If you need someone ready, he'll be the guy.
Ray Pippen - Scottie's distant nephew, this big boy is a potential starter in the league. Has size and a decent mid-ranger to start of his productive young career.
Bryce Russell - the grandson of the great Bill Russell, he's name will sound better than his current game. Like Grandpa, rebounds and defense, that's the way he was brought up.

Watch Out:
Chris Ross - a point guard who has a pass first attitude but has an AI of a scorer within him.
Esmond Lewis - the next SG to take the reigns from the D Wades and KB24 of the world, by potential at least. This 2 time collegiate champion from Cincinatti definitely knows how to win.
Dee Griffin - having grown up in the streets and in a gangsta life, he was befriended by Esmond Lewis and taught by the latter to play ball. Dee was the one guy Esmond has depended on when it comes to defense, they won in high school and even in college. Will they stick together in the pros?
Chris Goodrich - has the back to basket old man game, this is the grandson of the great Gail Goodrich.
Kyle Frazier - Walt's son, this combo guard is lightning quick. Will he be able to match his father's career?
Alain Girbaud - the Italian hot shot, this SG has the potential to be the new Ginobili. Will he be?

Role Players???
Carlton Jeffries - the guy can board but he's undersized and quite heavy.
James Head - a big guy who can shoot, they can always be of help to any team.
Slava Korolev - the big question mark, he's young and athletic and like any euro big, screams POTENTIAL DIRK!
Benjamin Bing - hey, a quality 2nd or 3rd PG, this guy's steady.
Jud Floyd - a reliable combo guard you can rely on.
Marcus Boyd - he's big and he can take up space.

-- Diamond Simpson Draft Class --

The Cream of the Crop:
Diamond Simpson - undersize at the PF position but makes it up with his uncanny and unorthodox ways of putting the ball to the hoop.
Ray Walker - will he Durantula like? Or will he be more Marvin Williams, this tar heel has potential, but we've heard that before..
Fred Witt - when you see him, you'll think "the Truth".
Pavao Radja - is he 1 or 2? He can ball, hope he lands on a good squad
Luke Reid - Penny Hardaway 2.0, tall, lengthy and a willing passer - he's a PG of the Future material

Watch Out:
Bryon Westbrook - a polished 2 guard who's left handed stroke makes him a potent scorer.
Jay Cannon - more of the slasher 2 guard, between him or Bryon who's better? SCOUT!!!
James McAdoo - has a James Worthy like game, a tweener but someone who can get it done.
James Padgett - an almost 7 foot SF, his game's got a bit of shooting, rebounding and hustle. He maybe best suited for a stretch 4, or even a 5 maybe. I don't know ;)
Landon Donovan - the football player? apparently shares a name but here's a scoring PG for you.

There are a lot more players per draft class that I made but only showed some of the scouting reports.. The rest you've got to pick up on your own. Don't go cheap on those Scouts :D.

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