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> Put "NBA2K_Hook(folder)" , "d3d11.dll" and "NBA2K_Hook.dll" into your NBA 2K20 folder
> Press F8 to display the menu
> The menu GUI is enabled by default (edit NBA2K_Hook/config.txt: "gui"->"enabled": 1 change to 0 to disable GUI)!! (if GUI make your game crash, just disable it.)
> The GUI is not important, all features are enabled by default , and you can edit config.txt to change settings.
> If you don't use a third-party(modded) roster, you can disable "Roster Custom Data", then you can see latest official jerseys/shoes in your current Roster/MC/ML etc.
> NBA2K_Hook and Limnono tool , both of them can be used simultaneously.

2019-09-22 23:22| v1.5.6
* Added: "Quick Game & 2KU(v1.5.6 updated) default team Reset"(Avoid Different Roster Make The Game Crash On QuickGame&2KU mode)
* <disabled by default> run game once(to update the config file), NBA2K_Hook/config.txt: "global"->"quickgamereset" change to 1 to enable

2019-09-30 23:57 | v1.7.0
* Added: Mods Loading takes precedence over SYNC !! (The Best way, No need to "replace strings" like last year(NBA2K_Launcher) )
* Menu GUI: Added, Language pack(NBA2K_Hook/lang.txt); Added, Setting switches(Need to restart game to apply change)
* Load Team Files(In developing)
* v1.7.1: 2k changed logic of Player Photo after Patch 1.05. so Fixed the Force Display Photos for Patch 1.05

2019-10-13 01:37 | v1.8.0
* Added: Load Updated(in Patchs) Mods using waigua, dont need to import anymore. (like celtics, bulls, spurs etc arenas s***.iff and some player png/face files etc)
* BugFxied: GUI crash when using "Full Screen Windowed", since v1.7.5

2019-10-20 17:53| v1.9.0 - V1.9.6
* Added: Load Files Without Manifest(e.g. Create a portrait for player that not has portrait, OR Free to set cyberface ID (0-34463 , like png22222.iff), but the maximum faceID in the game program is 34463!) (and files that only included in the SYNC.BIN, I havent tested it yet, but I think it works too)
* Better compatibility
* Added: Player -> Current Player -> Portrait
* Enhanced: Team Files Load , You can set any files for teams now(you need confrim that the file is not a global file(like global.iff etc))

2019-10-23 12:51| v2.0.0 - v2.0.2
* Added: BlackTop Mode Team Jersey

2019-10-31 00:39 | v2.1.0
* Added: Current Player Edit(Name, FaceID, PhoteID, PortraitID)
* Enhanced: A Variable "{teamid}"(Home Team ID) is supported in "Load File" (For Example: `watermark{teamid}.iff`, When the team is Lakers(Team ID is 15), the Hook will load `watermark15.iff`)
* Added: GUISettings in GUI Menubar, you can block Mouse&Keyboard of game when displaying the GUI

2020-02-05 17:08 | v2.2.2
* Added: Player Editor "Plus"
----* Unlocked Headband edit for all players(But for some players: need to edit png*.iff file to display headband)
----* Unlocked Shoes Selector & Hidden Brands
----* Unlocked Retired Numbers
* Update: Display accessories in BlackTop mode(when "blacktop jersey" enabled)

2020-02-08 20:25 | v2.2.3
* Added: Now you can set headband for all players and headband_tie/fury for some players without editing png*.iff files.

2020-02-10 0:50 | v2.2.4
* Updated: 1. Now you can use old version ninja headband(file is "headband_tie"), this is for some old mod files(made before PATCH 1.10) to show headband; 2. Update for all special(or multiple) style file groups, like D'Angelo Russell.
** 2 reasons will cause the headband not to be displayed **
----* If the version of exe you used < 1.10, the new version of TIE cannot be display;
----* Some Modder removed headband or TIE from the player file.

2020-02-20 22:43 | v2.2.5
* Updated: "Roster Custom Data", updated for modded rosters in MyLeague , to avoid data(floor filename, dorna id, etc.) being overwritten by default data.

2020-02-29 21:12 | V2.3.1
* Added: Team Colors Override without roster. (colors of scoreboards/start lineup etc.)
---- Home - when the team is the home team
---- Away - when the team is the away team
---- Secondary - If away color is similar to the home team`s home color, hook will use secondary color
2020-03-01 19:15 | V2.3.4
* Added: Set threshold value for color comparison. If the value is 0, the secondary color is used when the two colors are equal, the smaller the value, the more strict the color comparison.
* Added: Get the Team ID of the current home team in GUI ( get retro teamid etc.). You need to use the team as Home Team and into the match , then you can see the current ID.
* Fixed: a bug that could cause a crash, and sometimes color override doesnt work in ML etc.

> If you used V2.* , just need to override `NBA2K_Hook.dll` and `NBA2K_Hook/lang.txt`.

2020-03-07 00:53 | V2.3.5
* Better GUI compatibility to support earlier version DirectX 11.0


  • NBA2K Hook by Looyh
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