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Facebook Group Page: https://www.facebook. com/groups/474308669995371 (Remove <SPACE>)
Facebook Main Page: https://www.facebook. com/ModManZZZGaming (Remove <SPACE>)
ModManZZZ website is still on process.
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NBA 2KZ V18.0 now being RELEASED!
New features:
a. 100% updated rosters, accurate as of Thursday, 22nd of October 2019, (GSW waived McKinnie and many more)
b. ModManZZZ Main file is now implemented so you don’t need mackubex and medevenx's main files to run the game.. Guaranteed no error or corrupted files, no private, exclusive or for sale files included (Just report me if there has private files and I will gladly make a public appology and delete it.).
c. Guaranteed realistic gameplay just like in real life as always.
d. New NBA height measurement rule is now implemented for more realistic look in the game just like on TV..
e. IDs/filenames for CFs, uniforms and floors (courts) included for the users to update the graphics.
f. ModManZZZ Global V1.0 is now included and implemented.
g. updated A.I. and ratings system.
h. updated gears/accessories of 96 players (clint capela, eric Gordon, marquees chriss and many more).
i. 2KZ Blue Static presentations by Dodzkie is now implemented
l. 2KZ in game and front arts are now implemented.
k. Jumpshots update of some rookies.
L. Can play MyCareer, season and association.
M. Updated shooting range of Ben simmons and Steve Adams.
Requirement: NBA 2K14 game.
1. The Progress:
a. For Exhibition:
ROW 1: Thirty NBA teams (updated rosters).
ROW 2: Thirty G-League Teams (Minimal updates, I just have to wait to complete the official G-League rosters)
ROW 3: Four ModmanZZZ's Personal teams (It will have an error if you trade, release, or transact the players because I intentionally locked them).
ROW 4: One Glias Pilipinas Dream Team (updated lineup as of today).
ROW 5: Six Fictional Free Slot Teams.
ROW 6: One Fictional Street Backetball team.
ROW 7: One 2KZ Modders and friends team.

b. For Exhibition, Season and Association:
Thirty updated NBA team Rosters and the rest are all default (Euroleague and Classic Teams) for Cleaner experience.
c. For MyCareer:
Updated rosters including draft class and rookies vs. sophomores.

2. Next possible projects:
a. WNBA 2KZ Mod
b. 2KZ Street Mod

3. Download links:
* ModManZZZ Main File part 1: ... 1.rar/file
* ModManZZZ Main File part 2: ... 2.rar/file
* ModManZZZ Main File part 3: ... 3.rar/file
* ModManZZZ Main File part 4: ... 4.rar/file
* ModManZZZ Main File part 5: ... 5.rar/file
* ModManZZZ Main File part 6: ... 6.rar/file
* ModManZZZ Main File part 7: ... 7.rar/file
*ModManZZZ IFF Files: ... s.rar/file
* ModManZZZ NBA 2KZ Roster File: ... Z.rar/file
* TYTCBD’s NBAGLeague add on part 1: ... 1.rar/file
* TYTCBD’s NBAGLeague add on part 2: ... 2.rar/file
* TYTCBD’s NBAGLeague add on part 3: ... 3.rar/file

4. Other Requirements (If you already downloaded these you don't have to.)
* Jordan Poole Cyberface by Lorenzo San Miguel (Rename the file as "png19088" after download, https://clk. ink/4ijet (Remove <SPACE>))
* Tyler Herro Cyberface by Lorenzo San Miguel. (Rename the file as "png19080" after download, https://clk. ink/ahSn (Remove <SPACE>))
* Thanasis Antetokunmpo Cyberface by Lorenzo San Miguel. (Rename the file as "png32507" after download, https://clk. ink/Uk4NN6 (Remove <SPACE>))

* Various Modders for ModmanZZZ Main file (floors, jerseys, cyberfaces, stadiums and many more).
* Dodzkie for 2KZ STATIC BLUE PRESENTATIONS, in-game arts and front arts.
* TYTCBD (ThingsYouThoughtsCouldntBeDone), Jumpman2K, Mackubex, and other modders for NBA G-League Mod.
* Lorenzo San Miguel for cyberfaces. (Please SUPPORT the page)
* Adik2kmooder for cyberfaces. (Please SUPPORT the page)
* Blang 2K for cyberfaces. (Please SUPPORT the page)
* Ice 2k for cyberfaces. (Please SUPPORT the page)
* Jumpman2k for G-League teams. (Please SUPPORT the page)
* Jaosming for Street Basketball jerseys.
* caverabbit for Hometown Heroes street basketball team.
* Random2k for Troydan cyberface. (Please SUPPORT the page).

a. "ROS Files" to appdata folder.
b. the rest of the files to NBA 2k14 main folder.

This download was added Thu Oct 24, 2019 4:03 pm by ModManZZZ  • Last download from external URL on Wed Jul 01, 2020 9:04 pm

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