Pacers basketball - "Let's grind it out"

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Pacers basketball - "Let's grind it out"

Postby KobeBean on Thu Nov 27, 2014 9:36 pm

Indiana Pacers Association


Let's see what we can do to make Pacers competitive despite injuries and losing some of important players.

Version: 2K15, myGM
Platform: PS4
Difficulty: All-Star(Armor and Sword's sliders from OS)
Roster: Official NBA 2K Roster with injuries

Season Length: 82 games, will play interesting ones and sim the others, not sure about the exact number
Playoff Format: 7-7-7-7
Team Chemistry: ON
Injuries: ON
Preseason games: ON
Trade Deadline: ON
Trade Override: OFF
Progressive Fatigue: ON
Allow CPU trades: ON

Play Quarter Length: 11 minutes
Sim Quarter Length: 12 minutes

Draft Class 2015, real players, Rapboy's Draft 2015 v 1.0

I'll try to make some moves and post the final lineup and its look before opening game today later. I love Pacers brand of basketball, team ball and hard defense to grind out their victories. Let's just say i am satisfied with the overall look but will try to make some moves to make them better because i think we can make playoffs this year even without PG.

I am really happy with my frontcourt, even though Hibbert had some bad games at the end of last season he's still one of the best defensive big men in the league and that's exactly what i need from him to do, protect our rim. David West is the symbol of Pacers style, let's fight and see who's tougher, this guy stays!!!

But every other player, besides PG of course, is available and could be traded. I am looking for some solid wing guys and defensive guards. Who do you think i should be trying to get? Who would fit that team nicely in order to make it competitive, i want Pacers to look like a team, a team that fight for every ball and play it slow, smart because slow paced games are our chance.


This is my preview

Enjoy (B)

See you later (Y)
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