The "How is your Dynasty/Association going" Thread

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Re: The "How is your Dynasty/Association going" Thread

Postby Lamrock on Tue Apr 19, 2016 7:48 am

I didn't much care for myGM in last year's game but with the NBA season getting good, I felt the random urge to rebuild a team so I gave it another shot.

I simmed 15-16 with Brooklyn, making a couple trades, winning 31 games, and losing our #2 selection to Boston. Golden State beat Miami in the finals to repeat as champs...

Acquired Kris Dunn (5th or so pick) in a draft-day trade. Offered LeBron and DeRozan the best deals I could, and to my shock, LeBron decided to become a Net. DeRozan went to the Wizards though. Ended up going into the season starting Jack, Sean Kilpatrick, Bojan, LeBron and Brook with Dunn, FA pickups Tyler Zeller and Allen Crabbe and Thomas Robinson off the bench. LeBron's really got to stop listening to Maverick Carter...

After hovering around .500 for most of the season, I decided to try and fulfill the owner's request of forming a big 3, trading Bojan, Kilpatrick, Jack and a bunch of picks to Portland for McCollum and Stephen Zimmerman. The starting lineup became Dunn, McCollum, Crabbe, James and Lopez with Robinson, Zeller, Alan Anderson and Langston Galloway as my main reserves. Was sitting at 37-30, with an outside shot at the 2 seed, before losing seven straight and eventually limping to the playoffs with a disappointing 41-41 record. Kris Dunn was first-team all rookie, LeBron first team all NBA.

Fortunately, 41 wins was still good enough for the 6 seed, setting up a marquee first round battle with Cleveland. After trailing 2-1 in the series, LeBron took over to beat his old team in 6 games. Second round saw us playing the Raptors, who had upset the 2 seed Celtics in round 1. Despite Kyle Lowry and DeMar replacement Eric Gordon going OFF, we swept them to set up a conference finals match-up with Detroit. Detroit, the 8 seed, had swept the inexplicably top-seeded Philadelphia 76ers, whose four center rotation was not so effective in the post-season. Went up 2-0, but lost CJ McCollum for the season to a knee injury. Got blown out in game 3, but overcame a 10 point deficit with 2 minutes left in game 4 to win in OT. Detroit came back to win game 5 in Brooklyn, but we knocked them out in 6.

In the finals, it was my 41-41 Nets, missing a starter, vs. the 67-15 Thunder, who had added DeAndre Jordan and Josh Smith. After losing by 50 in game 1, we narrowly lost game 2, split games 3 and 4 at home, and shocked OKC by forcing a game 6. The dream ended there as Finals MVP Kevin Durant had a triple double with rebounds and steals (!), as they won the series 4-2.

Very successful campaign, regular season record aside. The owner made me promise him a title the following season, despite having no draft picks, cap space or players worth trading for. With my hands tied, I made no major changes in the offseason, besides signing Harkless, hoping for internal improvement to guys like Dunn, Zimmerman and McCollum to help get us over the top. They did improve, but the team floundered out of the gate, posting a 12-17 record before I decided to make a change.

Deciding to add a third Blazers alum to the team, I dealt Brook Lopez and Willie Reed to Charlotte for Batum and Kaminsky. Also signed Tiago "Banana" Splitter". With a starting five of Dunn, McCollum, Batum, LeBron and Frank the Tank starting, and Galloway, Crabbe, Harkless, Zimmerman and Splitter as my second unit, we finished the season with a 45-37 record and the 4 seed.

After sweeping the conference champion Heat in round 1, we once again faced an 8 seed, this time the Chicago Bulls, who were finally healthy after having missed Jimmy Butler for most of the year. Sadly for us, McCollum once again suffered a season ending injury, this time a broken leg, and we got creamed by the Bulls in 5 games. They proceeded to lose to the Cavs, who got swept by OKC, who repeated as champs.

The owner, though not thrilled with me, decided to keep me around for the time being. With an expiring contract in Batum, a star player with who can't stay healthy in McCollum and an aging legend in LeBron, there are a lot of question marks going into the 2018 offseason. The good news is that Anthony Bennett is a free agent!
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Re: The "How is your Dynasty/Association going" Thread

Postby Jeffx on Tue May 24, 2016 12:08 am

mp3 wrote:I always struggle to use the knicks in myleague/mygm/Dynasty mode, so much expectations but yeah... weak guard defence and i dont usually do many trades when i use the knicks but fingers crossed next year we have a PG!

Yeah Knicks are horrible on 'D', but can be deadly on offense if you play to their up Carmelo, then kick it out to open shooters. Knicks have plenty of cats who can bang from outside - Afflalo, Galloway, KP, Calderon, Thomas & Williams. Lopez, Williams & Grant are good in the post too.
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Re: The "How is your Dynasty/Association going" Thread

Postby Axel. on Thu Jul 07, 2016 1:49 am

I had an awesome MyGM going with the Rockets in 2K16. Simmed the first season and made it to the conference finals but lost. I was able to sign Al Horford and picked up Jerryd Bayless as a backup PG. Really fell in love with Al Horford; I couldn't master his jumpshot release but it never mattered since he was seemingly automatic from mid-range even with bad releases. Jerryd Bayless was the scoring punch we needed off the bench, and James Harden was even leading the league in assists (11 apg (Y) ).

Unfortunately, during the offseason I hired an assistant GM with the loose lips trait, and that was a big mistake. I was getting tired of the team losing morale every time I went to explore trades and ended up firing him. I was not aware of the glitch in MyGM where you can't hire for vacant positions mid-season, so I couldn't advance in the mode and had to scrap the save file. :(

So I started a new save file but in MyLeague and it's arguably going much better. Signed Nicolas Batum, Hassan Whiteside (Horford re-signed with the Hawks unfortunately), and Jerryd Bayless again. Before the season, I made two trades. Donatas Motiejunas and Clint Capela to the Celtics for Marcus Smart (in retrospect, I think I gave up too much here), and Corey Brewer and a first round pick to the Kings for Markieff Morris. Really excited for this one. :D
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Postby Lamrock on Sat Sep 24, 2016 5:07 am

Like a lot of people, I expanded the league to bring Seattle back to the NBA. For an even number of teams and even more northwest representation, I added the Vancouver Ravens as well.

As all of the unprotected young players were trash, I ended up drafting a veteran team of Livingston, Afflalo, Wilson Chandler, Jon Leuer and Festus Ezeli with Patty Mills, Jeff Green and Taj Gibson as my main guys off the bench.

Two months in, my team is 19-17 despite having no players with an overall of 80 or higher or PPG of 15 or higher. January will decide whether I go all in for the 8th seed or pivot towards some youth by trading a vet or two.


Ended up going 39-43, just missing the playoffs while ending up with a middling draft pick (#14). Hired Blatt as coach. Came out of the draft with DeAaron Fox (promising), Jonathan Jeanne (promising), Dillon Brooks (trash) and Malik Pope (trash). Through free agency and trades, I turned over most of the roster. Starting five going into next season is Lin, Oladipo, Wilson Chandler, Leuer and Ezeli with Jeff Green, Zach Randolph, Cody Zeller and Norman Powell in the rotation.

The team is definitely deeper and more talented, but the sim engine is unpredictable. Case in point - in year one, Philly (!) got the 2 seed, only to be swept in the first round by Detroit, who went all the way to the Finals. Meanwhile, Golden State lost in the first round to Houston.
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Re: The "How is your Dynasty/Association going" Thread

Postby Andrew on Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:04 am

From the sounds of things, Patty Mills goes unprotected a lot. I think he'll be a common pickup in expanded leagues.
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Re: The "How is your Dynasty/Association going" Thread

Postby davisxp on Tue Dec 27, 2016 3:26 am

I´m currently doing a MyGM with the Spurs. I'm simulating games with the Simcast, and only playing the 4th quarter of every game.

I´m now at the All star break, and my record is 46-12. This puts me in 1st place in the west, but 2nd in the nba, as the Cavs have a record of 49-10.

At the beginning of the season I made a stupid trade, which I now regret, but it might benefit me in the long run. The trade I'm talking about, is:

Spurs trade: Manu Ginobili, Patrick Mills, Kawhi Leonard, 17, 18, 19 1st round picks (All lottery protected)

To Celtics for:

Isiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Avery Bradley.

Other trades I did:

Spurs trade: Danny Green

To the Trail blazers for:

Mason Plumlee, Kings 2018 2nd round pick.

I did this trade, because Pau Gasol is 36 Years old already, and is only getting worse, and Mason Plumlee was a solid backup, averaging 14 points and 8 rebounds from the bench. I had plans to use him as a starter, when Pau retires, or gets worse, but unfortunatly, Plumlee did not want to sign new deal with the spurs, so I traded him away to Wizards for Marcin Gortat.
This trade really screwed my team up, because my record before the trade was 38-6, but after making the move, I have gone 8-6.

At the beginning of the season David Lee tore his Achilles and is out for the season. My team owner wanted me to find a replacement PF with overall 75 or higher. Didn't find anyone good in the FA so I traded Bryan Forbes and Tony parker to the Pelicans for Tim Frazier and Terrence Jones.

I also moved around some scrubs, to even out the depth of the roster, and signed some FA's too, so I have 3 players in each position.

My Current roster:

PG: Isiah Thomas/Tim Frazier/Tony Wroten

SG: Avery Bradley/Garrett Temple/C.J. Wilcox

SF: Jae Crowder/Coty Clarke/Jakarr Sampson

PF: LaMarcus Aldridge/Terrence Jones/David Lee

C: Pau Gasol/Marcin Gortat/Kendrick Perkins
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Re: The "How is your Dynasty/Association going" Thread

Postby yummybear on Wed Aug 16, 2017 1:24 pm

its 2017 and still playing the NBA LIVE's dynasty mode. Well i can say this is the best game i ever played.

This is what i do to enjoy and feel excite for the game.

1. Never tried to cheat the game ever.
2. Never used the tools to trade the desired player on my team (using tools will only caused you trouble on some functionalities)
3. When trading players it excites me to open new mail, if my trade offers are accepted. Its so sweet if you earn it in fair ways.
4. i dont choose atleast top 3 teams to keep the challenge on.
5. Never adjusted the salary cap
6. and of course, control the best player most of the time during the game.

and im sure there are more of it. Thanks again to the updated patches!
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