Vancouver Grizzlies - 1998/99 (2nd year)

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Re: Vancouver Grizzlies - 1998 Off-season, Nash joins Blazer

Postby tsmoha on Fri Nov 30, 2012 2:04 am

Grizzlies sign Damon Stoudamire and Brent Barry - "Big O" will replace waived Daugherty

The Vancouver Grizzlies continue to upgrade their roster. Free agent-guards Damon Stoudamire (25 years old) and Brent Barry (27) came to terms on multiple-million-deals with the Canadian franchise.

Stoudamire, 7th pick in 1995 Draft and Rookie of the year with the Raptors back then, signed a 3-year-contract, which will bring him 23 million dollar. The 5'10" small point guard averaged 19.9 points and 5.5 assists in 82 games for Portland last season, his 3rd consecutive season with at least 19ppg. His assists dropped 9 to 5 though, while his shooting (.395 FG) still has to be improved as well.. Stoudamire is expected to play as Vancouver's starting point guard, replacing sophomore-to-be Bobby Jackson.

Brent Barry was traded from Miami to Indiana during 1997/98 season, averaging 8.4 points in 79 games. Barry now enters his 4th season in NBA after spending two years with the Clippers, where he had his best season as a rookie 1995/96 (10.1ppg, 44 games as a starter). "We had to play small forward Sam Mack as shooting guard last year, and now we have Vince Carter and Barry, that's great", said Grizzlies' coach Brian Hill on this signing. Barry agreed on a 2-year-deal worth 11.40mm.

In other news, the Grizzlies waived injury-proned returnee Brad Daugherty (9.4ppg in 40 games with Vancouver last year) and signed Oliver "Big O" Miller as his replacement. Miller, who is known as "The Big O" because of his large size (6-foot-9, over 300 pounds), averaged 3.6 points in 72 games for Toronto and Phoenix last season, fighting with his weight problems (he was listed 280lbs as a rookie back in 1992, while now he's listed at 310). Anyway, he Grizzlies do hope that Miller can repeat the numbers he had with Toronto in 1995/96 (12.9ppg, 7.4rpg).

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Re: Vancouver Grizzlies - 1998 Off-season, Grizzlies sign..

Postby megarover on Fri Nov 30, 2012 7:32 am

Wow you just upgraded BIGTIME.
I can't believe you managed to snag Stoudamire of all people. Your backcourt used to be pretty meh but .........
Mighty Mouse/Vinsanity + Jackson off the bench :applaud:.

Waaaay better GM then the real Grizzilies GM that's for sure.
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Re: Vancouver Grizzlies - 1998 Off-season, Grizzlies sign..

Postby tsmoha on Sun Dec 02, 2012 1:41 am

@megarover: Thanks, mate! Stoudamire has always been one of my favourite players, so I'm glad we managed to sign him. I agree, our backcourt did become a nice upgrade ;) Being a better GM than the real-life Grizzlies' GM back then isn't that hard, but thanks anyway :P


Free Agency wrap-up and how the teams look with the off-season finished

Part I (The top-seeded teams)

Image Miami Heat (last season: 50-32, 5th East, 1R Playoffs)

In: Rafer Alston (draft, 21st pick)

Depth Charts:

PG | Tim Hardaway (84) | Rafer Alston (60)
SG | Voshon Lenard (77) | Chris Mullin (78)
SF | Jamal Mashburn (79) | Dan Majerle (73)
PF | P.J. Brown (79) | Derek Strong (75) | Terry Mills (66)
C | Alonzo Mourning (88) | Duan Causwell (66)

Key players: Mourning (20.4ppg, 8.6rpg), Hardaway (21.4ppg, 5.0ass, 1.5steals)
Star player: Mourning (Age: 29, Salary: 13.13mm, 5yrs 84mm)

Image San Antonio (last season: 51-31, 4th East, 2R Playoffs)

In: Scott Burrell (Bulls)

Depth Charts:

PG | Avery Johnson (69)
SG | Scott Burrell (79) | Jim Jackson (74) | Chuck Person (67)
SF | Sean Elliott (75) | Malik Rose (72)
PF | Tim Duncan (92) | Kevin Willis (76) | Carlos Herrera (62)
C | David Robinson (90) | Will Perdue (73)

Key players: Duncan (21.3ppg, 8.6rpg), Robinson (20.9ppg, 9.2ass), Burrell (5.9ppg with Chicago), Willis (14.2ppg with Houston/SA)
Star player: Duncan (Age: 23, Salary: 3.41mm, 2yrs 7mm)

Image Indiana Pacers (last season: 59-23, 1st East, 2R Playoffs)

In: Mark O'Bryant (draft, 29th pick)

Depth Charts:

PG | Travis Best (75) | Marc Jackson (74)
SG | Reggie Miller (81) | Fred Hoiberg (74)
SF | Charles Barkley (82) | Derrick McKey (69)
PF | Dale Davis (78) | Mark O'Bryant (55)
C | Rik Smits (80) | Antonio Davis (78)

Key players: Barkley (12.0ppg, 6.6rpg with Houston/IND), Miller (26.5ppg), Smits (24.3ppg, 7.1rpg)
Star player: Barkley (Age: 36, Salary: 6.03mm, 1yr)

Image Houston Rockets (last season: 35-47, 9th West)

In: Michael Olowokandi (draft, 11th pick), Keith Van Horn, Kerry Kittles (both New Jersey, via trade), Vlade Divac (Charlotte Hornets), Nazr Mohammed (draft, 24th pick), Olden Polynice (Sacramento)

Depth Charts:

PG | Derek Fisher (76) | Brent Price (65)
SG | Kerry Kittles (82) | Michael Williams (73)
SF | Jalen Rose (78) | Marvin Owens (62)
PF | Keith Van Horn (78) | Olden Polynice (70)
C | Vlade Divac (82) | Michael Olowokandi (74) | Nazr Mohammed (61)

Key players: Divac (6.5ppg, 8.1rpg with Hornets), Kittles (17.3ppg with NJ), Van Horn (17.4ppg with NJ), Rose (14.8ppg with Indiana/HOU)
Star player: Divac (Age: 31, Salary: 12.5mm, 4yrs 58mm)

Image Cleveland Cavaliers (last season: 41-41, 9th East)

In: Scottie Pippen (Bulls)

Depth Charts:

PG | Brevin Knight (76) | Derek Anderson (76)
SG | Wesley Person (81) | Bob Sura (71)
SF | Scottie Pippen (85) | Eric Piatkowski (71)
PF | Shawn Kemp (87) | Alan Henderson (74) | Pooh Richardson (60)
C | Zydrunas Ilgauskas (83) | Vitaly Potapenko (71)

Key players: Kemp (22.2ppg, 7.8rpg), Ilgauskas (15.7ppg, 8.6rpg), Pippen (17.1ppg with Chicago)
Star player: Kemp (Age: 29, Salary: 9.75mm, 5yrs 57.5mm)

Image Atlanta Hawks (last season: 49-33, 6th East, 1R Playoffs)

In: Keon Clark (draft, 20th pick), Joe Smith (Philadelphia), Anthony Riley, Radoslav Nesterovic (draft, 2nd round)

Depth Charts:

PG | Mookie Blaylock (77) | Ed Gray (70)
SG | Doug Christie (82) | Anthony Riley (63)
SF | Steve Smith (82) | Tyrone Corbin (72)
PF | Joe Smith (78) | Christian Laettner (77) | Mark Strickland (75)
C | Dikembe Mutombo (85) | Keon Clark (69) | Radoslav Nesterovic (62)

Key players: Mutombo (8.8ppg, 9.2rpg, 1.8bpg), Steve Smith (23.5ppg, .441 3P%), Joe Smith (15.4ppg with Philadelphia)
Star player: Mutombo (Age: 33, Salary: 11.22mm, 3yrs 38.44mm)

Image Portland Trailblazers (last season: 50-32, 6th West, 1R Playoffs)

In: Steve Nash (Phoenix), Clyde Drexler (Denver, via trade), Greg Anthony (Seattle)

Depth Charts:

PG | Steve Nash (77) | Greg Anthony (76)
SG | Clyde Drexler (81) | Isiah Rider (78)
SF | Walt Williams (77)
PF | Rasheed Wallace (81) | Brian Grant (78)
C | Jermaine O'Neal (79) | Arvydas Sabonis (76) | Kelvin Cato (71)

Key players: Wallace (7.0ppg, 6.0rpg), Drexler (19.5ppg, 5.1rpg with HOU/DEN), Rider (26.6ppg), Sabonis (15.3ppg, 8.7rpg)
Star player: Wallace (Age: 25, Salary: 9.46mm, 4yrs 43.52mm)

Image Seattle Supersonics (last season: 53-29, 2nd West, NBA Champions)

In: Felipe Lopez (draft, 30th pick), Steve Hamer

Depth Charts:

PG | Gary Payton (88) | Alvin Williams (70)
SG | Hersey Hawkins (80) | Felipe Lopez (64) | Nate McMillan (65)
SF | Detlef Schrempf (78) | Jerome Kersey (75)
PF | Vin Baker (86) | Chris Gray (55)
C | Jim McIlvaine (72) | Steve Hamer (62)

Key players: Payton (21.4ppg, 5.6apg, 2.2spg), Baker (19.8ppg, 6.8rpg), Schrempf (11.6ppg, 7.0rpg)
Star player: Payton (Age: 31, Salary: 8.72mm, 1yr)

Image LA Lakers (last season: 50-32, 5th West, 1R Playoffs)

In: Roshown McLeod (draft, 23rd pick), Randy Livingston

Depth Charts:

PG | Nick Van Exel (80) | Randy Livingston (62)
SG | Eddie Jones (87) | Jon Barry (70) | Roshown McLeod (63)
SF | Kobe Bryant (87) | Mario Elie (69)
PF | Robert Horry (84) | Rick Fox (78)
C | Shaquille O'Neal (90) | Hakeem Olajuwon (83) | Sean Rooks (67)

Key players: O'Neal (30.6ppg, 9.6apg), Bryant (20.6ppg)
Star player: O'Neal (Age: 27, Salary: 15.00mm, 5yrs 96.43mm)

Image Chicago Bulls (last season: 55-27, 2nd East, 1R Playoffs)

In: Clarence Weatherspoon (Golden State), Dennis Scott (Phoenix), LaPhonso Ellis (Denver), Vinny Del Negro (Spurs), Gary Trent (Toronto), Matt Harpring (draft, 28th pick)

Depth Charts:

PG | Ron Harper (74) | Steve Kerr (69)
SG | Michael Jordan (91) | Vinny Del Negro (73)
SF | Dennis Scott (74) | LaPhonso Ellis (77)
PF | Clarence Weatherspoon (79) | Gary Trent (75) | Matt Harpring (65)
C | Luc Longley (73) | Dickey Simpkins (64)

Key players: Jordan (31.1ppg, 5.7rpg)
Star player: Jordan (Age: 36, Salary: 10.02mm, 2yrs 21.03mm)

Image Philadelphia 76ers (last season: 39-43, 10th East)

In: Antonio McDyess (Phoenix), Cliff Davis, Ricky Davis (draft, 13th pick), Brian Skinner (draft, 45th pick)

Depth Charts:

PG | Allan Iverson (89) | Eric Snow (69)
SG | Aaron McKie (73) | Ricky Davis (64)
SF | Tim Thomas (80) | Anthony Parker (71)
PF | Antonio McDyess (85) | Scott Williams (70) | Brian Skinner (64)
C | Theo Ratliff (81) | Shawnelle Scott (69)

Key players: Iverson (27.1ppg, 4.4apg), McDyess (11.6ppg, 7.5rpg with Phoenix), Thomas (15.1ppg, 5.0rpg)
Star player: Iverson (Age: 24, Salary: 3.54mm, 1yr)

Image Minnesota Timberwolves (last season: 37-45, 7th West, 1R Playoffs)

In: Toni Kukoc, Jud Buechler (both Chicago), Mark Sanford, Fabricio Oberto (draft, 15th pick)

Depth Charts:

PG | Stephon Marbury (83) | Jud Buechler (73)
SG | Anthony Peeler (77) | Chris Carr (69) | Reggie Jordan (67)
SF | Toni Kukoc (82) | Tom Hammonds (66)
PF | Kevin Garnett (90) | Walter McCarty (74) | Mark Sanford (63)
C | Tom Gugliotta (80) | Fabricio Oberto (62)

Key players: Garnett (17.1ppg, 8.9rpg), Marbury (18.5ppg, 5.6apg), Gugliotta (18.3ppg, 8.6rpg), Kukoc (11.1ppg with Chicago)
Star player: Garnett (Age: 23, Salary: 14.00mm, 5yrs 98mm)
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Re: Vancouver Grizzlies - 1998 Off-season wrap-up

Postby megarover on Sun Dec 02, 2012 8:47 am

The TrailBlazers have got my attention it looks like. They won't exactly be the JailBlazers without Stoudamre but with Nash i guess they can always be the BailBlazers :cheeky: sounds interesting.

The new look Cavs and Bulls will make some noise too but not too sure how good they'll be.......
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Re: Vancouver Grizzlies - 1998 Off-season wrap-up

Postby tsmoha on Tue Dec 04, 2012 4:49 am

Thanks for the feedback, megarover :)

Your new name for the Trailblazers sounds good ;) Definitely a team to watch, I think they did pretty well in off-season.

And I agree about the Cavs and Bulls, too. Cavs did add an important piece in Pippen.. the Bulls will be the most interesting team without all of their former stars though. Jordan will have to put up numbers like he did in last season, 30+ ppg minimum, to get that new Bulls achieve something.
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Re: Vancouver Grizzlies - 1998 Off-season wrap-up

Postby tsmoha on Tue Dec 04, 2012 9:08 pm


Free Agency wrap-up and how the teams look with the off-season finished

Part II (Notable free agents + Grizzlies special)

Image New Jersey sign George McCloud

Image Golden State sign Grant Long
Image Golden State sign Shandon Anderson
Image Golden State sign Matt Geiger

Image Sacramento sign Elden Campbell

Image Orlando sign Gheorghe Muresan
Image Orlando sign Isaac Austin
Image Orlando sign Mark Price

Image Charlotte Hornets sign Cherokee Parks

Image New York sign Derrick Coleman

Image Washington sign Dennis Rodman
Image Washington sign Charles Oakley

Image Image Image Image Image

G | Damon Stoudamire | 5-10, 171 lbs | Arizona | 3 (experience, prior to this season)
G | Vince Carter | 6-6, 215 lbs | North Carolina | R
F | Shareef Abdur-Rahim | 6-9, 225 lbs | California | 2
F | Michael Smith | 6-9, 230 lbs | Providence | 4
C | Bryant Reeves | 7-0, 275 lbs | Oklahoma State | 3

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

G | Bobby Jackson | 6-1, 185 lbs | Minnesota | 1
F | Antawn Jamison | 6-8, 220 lbs | North Carolina | R
G | Brent Barry | 6-6, 185 lbs | Oregon State | 3
F | Tony Massenburg | 6-9, 220 lbs | Maryland | 6
F | Bruce Bowen | 6-7, 185 lbs | California State | 3
C | Oliver Miller | 6-9, 320 lbs | Arkansas | 6
F | Sam Mack | 6-7, 220 lbs | Houston | 4

Image Image Image

G | Stephen Jackson | 6-8, 218 lbs | Butler County | 1
G | Rodrick Rhodes | 6-6, 225 lbs | Southern California | 1
G | Anthony Carter | 6-1, 190 lbs | Hawaii | R


Player (Rating)Position (Age)Salary 98-99Contract
Shareef Abdur-Rahim (85)SF/PF (22)2,300,000$1 year
Bryant Reeves (76)C (26)6,840,000$4 years (31.46mil)
Damon Stoudamire (76)PG (26)7,094,000$3 years (23.40mil)
Vince Carter (76)SG (21)3,200,000$2 years (6.60mil + 2yrs TO)
Bobby Jackson (76)PG (26)799,000$2 years (1.75mil)
Brent Barry (75)SG (27)5,430,000$2 years (11.15mil)
Tony Massenburg (73)PF (32)900,000$1 year
Antawn Jamison (73)PF (22)2,200,000$2 years (4.60mil + 2yrs TO)
Michael Smith (74)PF (27)2,150,000$1 year
Sam Mack (72)SF/SG (29)595,000$1 year
Stephen Jackson (68)SG/SF (20)685,000$1 year
Oliver Miller (67)C (29)3,000,000$1 year
Bruce Bowen (72)SF (28)2,000,000$4 years (9.40mil)
Rodrick Rhodes (62)SG (26)635,000$1 year
Anthony Carter (58)PG (23)775,000$2 years (1.60mil)

* re-signed
** currently in D-Leauge
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Re: Vancouver Grizzlies - 1998 Off-season (Grizzlies special

Postby Martti. on Wed Dec 05, 2012 3:05 am

Haven't replied in here yet, but have been following and it looks really good. Really detailed with plenty of screenshots and stats, which I like. Keep it up, maybe you can snag a low play-off seed this year with Carter on board.

Wow, the Bulls sure dropped off, I picked them with probably the same mod and was able to keep Pippen and Kukoc. Traded Kukoc for Lamar Odom in the next years draft, he was the 9th pick or something and jumped to 90+ in his third year. Also got Nash and Jermaine O'Neal, but still didn't win a title while simming.
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Re: Vancouver Grizzlies - 1998 Off-season (Grizzlies special

Postby megarover on Thu Dec 06, 2012 4:44 pm

Your bench looks almost as good as your starting line up most of last year.

Bobby J coming off the bench and its only a matter of time before Jamison snag that starting PF spot too.

Any prediction on how many games you think you'll win?
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Re: Vancouver Grizzlies - 1998 Off-season (Grizzlies special

Postby tsmoha on Sat Dec 08, 2012 1:19 am

@Martti: Thanks for following, that's always an extra motivation :) And yes, the Bulls are facing a tough year, not sure where they'll end up without Kukoc/Pippen/Rodman. They have two years left with MJ on their team, so maybe a big free agent next year and things will go positive.

@megarover: Yes, our team definitely got some depth. Jamison is likely to become a starter soon, but Smith is a decent rebounder, so we will start him first. How many wins the Grizzlies will grab? Well, it's tough to say. 30 wins would be a target, but I don't know if I will be able to do so ;) The game rates our team 25th overall.. defense is the key here.

@all: Anyone experienced a framerate-issue in 2nd year of association? My game ran smoothly in first season, but in my first games in 2nd season, my framerate dropped to 15-30fps. I'm currently trying to fix it, but any ideas are welcome!

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Re: Vancouver Grizzlies - 1998/99 (2nd year)

Postby JaketheFlake on Sun Dec 09, 2012 2:08 pm

can you upload the kevin garnett cf man? i cant afford to download the whole conversion cuz my internet connection sucks. pls :bowdown:
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Re: Vancouver Grizzlies - 1998/99 (2nd year)

Postby hova- on Sun Dec 09, 2012 7:28 pm

Nice young roster you have. This is a sick retro Dynasty. Good job (Y)
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Re: Vancouver Grizzlies - 1998/99 (2nd year)

Postby Ezio Auditore on Sun Dec 16, 2012 10:18 am

Still looking really, really sweet. (Y) Liking how those Trail Blazers look!
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Re: Vancouver Grizzlies - 1998/99 (2nd year)

Postby SuperHueyNewton on Mon Dec 17, 2012 6:31 am

I just wanna know who you plan on picking up, bump the Bulls
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Re: Vancouver Grizzlies - 1998/99 (2nd year)

Postby Radioman on Mon Dec 17, 2012 8:32 pm

Nice to see you still in here. Your team looks awesome now, with much potential in the next few years. Also interesting to see how the Bulls compete, i guess Jordan will have another 30++ season.

Knicks vs Sonics was a special final, i think both of them would have deserved the title.
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Re: Vancouver Grizzlies - 1998/99 (2nd year)

Postby SuperHueyNewton on Fri Mar 08, 2013 11:46 am

What happened to this?
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