[Tutorial] Dornas Slotlist

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[Tutorial] Dornas Slotlist

Postby ksmiz on Sat Dec 30, 2017 1:56 pm

Take control of what dornas are displayed and in what order.

Step 1: Extract your teams file. It will be XXX.iff.
In this example the cavs are 004.iff. This file is part of the dornas folder.
Most all teams have these in their archives and the historic teams will be together in their big archive.
The default one will be for if your language is english. If you use a different language then be sure to mod the one you need.

Step 2: Open up that .iff file use 7zip.
You will get a folder 004 with 3 files inside.

Step 3: Open up your slotlist.json file with an appropriate editor. Use notepad++

Edit the order however you want. PAY ATTENTION make sure you follow the formatting just the same way.
Feel free to add more, add generics, add whatever you want as long as the stadium has that number of panels.
The panels on each side of the basket are their own separate panel.

I don't know what the limit is so you tell me
Make use of all the extra languages as their own separate dornas, erase the generics, use the american flag whatever you want

You may be surprised to realize that some teams do not even have their own specific dornas. Sorry blame 2K. Split up the generics or spread other teams out to use however you want.

For this example the cavs have a lot of options to add so might as well make use of them

Step 4: Place your file into the dornas folder
Just in the dornas folder not your teams specific dornas folder
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Re: [Tutorial] Dornas Slotlist

Postby jk31 on Mon Jan 29, 2018 8:32 pm

Is it possible to add completely new dornas to a team? E.g. my Pacers just have generic dornas. Can I replace some dornas in the slotlist with newly generated files, e.g. add "dornas/020/test.dds" to the slot list, a correspondig dds file to the modding folder, and it will be displayed?
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